Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Festivities are Finally Coming to an End!

We have the last of our family's birthday's this week.  I am SOOOOO excited to be done with it all.  December and January are rough - it seems that there is just always something to do, something to prepare for, something to cook and bake for.  I am so ready to be done making cakes, you have no idea!

Tonight I am taking my wonderful husband out to dinner.  We are going with friends and I am just excited to be going out with other adults.  Michael is out with friends (thank you A.D.!) and Nick is out podcasting.  Tomorrow we will have the big birthday hooplah that will start with McDonald's for lunch (No school, so that was Michael's choice for lunch), followed by a party with our Disney friends (aka the Mouseclub) in the afternoon and then a big birthday dinner! 

Between all of the carbs, cake, cookies...I am going to be on overload!  Thank God I just got a treadmill because I am so going to be starting that up on Tuesday morning!!

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