Sunday, January 9, 2011

Randomness...Disappointment...and Inappropriateness

So we went to visit Frank's cousin today and although we deeply wish it was under better circumstances, it was a great visit.  She is the cousin who I love the most and always considered her to be more like a sister than a cousin.  We are all praying for a speedy recovery for her.

On our way home, we stopped at a couple of outlets.  For YEARS we have driven passed them on the way to and from visits to family and friends and finally decided to take the time and stop and see what they had.


Oh, my gosh.  These places were ridiculous.  One boasted being the largest outlet store in the world and essentially, it was a crap house.  It was big, there was a lot of stuff, it smelled like someone died and it was full of crap.  The prices sucked, the quality of merchandise sucked and basically, my skin felt like it was crawling off of my body.

Next we went to the Tanger Outlet.  Has anyone been to this?  I guess it's an outlet for snooty people because to me, everything was overpriced and it was all stores that I wouldn't shop at.  We're not yuppies or preppy OR snooty so none of the stores held any appeal.  VERY disappointed.

We're supposed to get snow here tomorrow.  North Carolina can NEVER forecast a storm and what was originally supposed to hit tomorrow night is now supposed to start around dawn.  My trip to Great Wolf Lodge is canceled and there's a good chance that school will be canceled, Frank has already announced that he won't go to work and I am counting how much Melatonin a person can take to sleep for 24 hours straight.  

Snow?  Really?  Again??

And finally, Frank is at work the other night and he is painting a large commercial building with 30 plus offices.  It was around 5:30, most people were gone for the day and some woman comes up to him to say what a great job he's doing and how good everything looks.  So he thanks her and turns to go back to work and she's like "Can I ask you something?" and he's like "Sure".

Are you ready for this?

She asked, "Is it true that all painters have rock hard abs?"

Are you freakin kidding me???  

Luckily my husband is CLUELESS to cues from the opposite sex (and I have accepted this after 22 years together!) and he just looked at her and said "Well, maybe 20 years ago but not anymore!" and went back to work!

Now I want nothing more than to go and smack this little hussy in the face!  I mean, really?  Rock hard abs?  I know that Frank is very fit and I also know that at 47 years old, he is no Johnny Depp.  This woman was just a bit too forward for my comfort and really, I just want him to be done with this stupid job and get the heck out of there.

He thought it was funny and all I could think was, one look at me and no man would ever wonder if I had rock hard abs...


Karen said...

OMG! That is so funny! He got hit on and didn't even know it.

I have always thought those outlet malls were a waste of time. I've never found anything for a low price. I only like the Corning outlet store because they sell some items that are hard to find.

A.Marie said...

Now THAT is FUNNY! Guys can be so clueless to the opposite sex...

My husband is a sheetmetal worker, and one day, he had to go to a house to fix the furnace. It must not have been too cold in that house, because the gal answered the door wearing nothing more than a skimpy pj outfit and a smile. Luckily for me, my guy is just like your guy...clueless....he was kind of shocked but said to her, "I am here to fix your furnace" and just went on with his job.

She wanted more than her furnace fixed, and you can bet your last dollar on that one! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your for a long time. I have kept my mouth shut. I don't know why I come back for me of you. You are unhappy, hateful and are a self destructing bitch !! Stay just the way you are, and you won't have anymore readers. Ta ta for now!
Oh, I see your have comment moderation on, must be for a purpose, I must not be the only one who has left you a comment like this ! ha

StaceyC4 said...

Dear Anonymous,

Is that you, Nancy? If not, whoever you are, thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day!