Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally, a reason to have Verizon...

I'm not a fan of cell phones.  Sure, they are convenient, but personally, I don't have a need to be on the phone everywhere I go.  I don't text.  Basically, all I want is a phone that I can use when I absolutely HAVE to talk to someone.

We have a family plan with Verizon.  It cost a small fortune.  Now, I know, I know, I could probably find a better deal but most of our family are on Verizon so there are those perks and really, I'm locked in to my contract.  

So that brings us to today.  Frank came home this morning after driving Michael to school and told me that his phone died.  It literally had fallen apart.  So we go to the Verizon store and find him a phone that with the mail-in rebate would be free.  Sweet.  Now, Nick's phone is also falling apart (again, literally) and so we find him a phone that would have been $30 after the rebate.  The salesgirl tells me that she'll give it to me for $1.00 after the rebate because someone just returned theirs and it was hardly used.  Sweet, again!  

Now the deal with the rebates is that they are mail in so you have to actually PAY for the phones.  So our total today was $75 and change but once I mail in the rebate forms, we will get $100 in rebates.  

So I just MADE $25 for getting two new phones.

Sweet, indeed.


Roo said...

SWEET! I personally love Verizon service. I've had AT&T as well as Sprint. I like Verizon the best.

I have my cell with me at all times. Not because I'm so important that I get calls all day long, but because it is my only phone. I turned off my home phone several years ago. I never used it.

It sounds like maybe you finally caught a little bit of a break! Good Job!!!!

Tammy said...

We need to go to Verizon and get a couple of new phones too. I sure hope we can get a good deal like you did.

It always feels so good to save money :)