Friday, January 7, 2011

Netflix on demand ROCKS!!

So Nick got us the Wii for Christmas and once I recovered from my virtual bowling injury, I have discovered something else awesome about the beloved can get Netflix right on it!

I kid you NOT!

One of the things that I really wanted for Christmas was the TV show "Psych" on DVD - all four seasons.  Well, Nick put all of those seasons on to the Wii through Netflix and now I can watch any episode I want, any time I want!  I am loving this.  

Frank used to watch a show called "Mystery Science Theater 3000" on Comedy Central.  Well, this show is on Netflix now, too, and even as I type, he and Michael are sitting in the living room laughing like a bunch of loons over this show.

I cannot even begin to explain how much joy this simple little thing has brought to our lives.  Kind of sad now that I read what I'm writing but honestly, I am just enjoying being able to watch what I want when I want...well, almost everything.  Not everything is on the demand portion of Netflix but the selection is pretty sweet.

Just what I need, more things to keep me unmotivated and on the couch!


Jay dune said...

you're right! Netflix streaming on wii is so great. It's so amazing to me and my wife that we've given up on cable and regular tv.

Melissa said...

You think the bowling is bad give the boxing a try. You will know you have muscles you forgot about, trust me. We love the Wii and we love the Netflix on it. I am curiously watching the new bandwidth law passed by the FCC to see how it will effect whether I keep Netflix or not.

Karen said...

I totally understand what you are feeling. My son and daughter in-law have this and say it is the best thing. They are scrimping while in school and this gives them some entertainment.

I like the feeling that I got one over on the movie theaters and their high prices!

Lynne said...

We received a gift of a 1 year subscription to Netflix and the first thing we did was load it onto Wii. My husband has really been taking advantage of it!