Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nineteen years in thirty seconds...

Today, my boy turned 19.  If possible, I was more emotional about it than I was about 18.  He requested an Italian feast for dinner (as usual) and so I spent most of today and part of last night cooking, baking and preparing.  Tonight after dinner, I took out his first baby book to share with his girlfriend and it was a bit surreal to sit and look at the baby and then look up and see the man.

Back in June when he graduated and there was the slide show that showed his entire life in 30 seconds, it really represented how fast time flies.  Then Frank had to go and mention that one day our 10 year old would be 19 and I almost flew over the table to smack him.

First, I am sad that time has gone so quickly and that there are no more of those sweet moments like there were when the boys were little.  Now the moments are different - not always sweet and usually quite annoying.  I am sad that this phase of my life is over - I'm no longer the mom to little boys, I have a young man, an adult.  Maybe that is selfish to make it about me but really, it feels strange to know that I am old enough to have an almost 20 year old son!

I don't want to be 20 again, mind you, but it might be nice to not be THIS old!

But enough about me...Happy Birthday, Nick!!!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! And as a mom of a 19 year old, I know exactly how you feel! Time just flew by, so many moments of why didn't we... He's a great young man and I love him dearly, but never again a "little boy."

Hang in there mom :)

Anonymous said...

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Con Artist Trickster said...

It seems you could never prepare yourself for such thing. You watch him growing everyday, but still, suddenly it takes you by surprise that he's grown.

Rachele said...

You should be proud of getting him to that age. With a 4 and 7 year old I'm not always sure they are going to make it to adult hood;) Happy Birthday to you both,

Sandee said...

My son is 40, my oldest granddaughter is 19 and I have a great grand-baby. Time flies and seems to be 20 years a pop until you reach 50 then it's a decade at a time and when you reach 60 it's five years and gets less and less. You are young. Enjoy.

Have a terrific day and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Bog. :)

Lola said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Ruth said...

My daughter will be 20 in September. Time totally flies! Happy Birthday Nick and congrats Stace for surviving this long! ;-)