Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Okay, maybe NOW life will return to normal...

Okay so the winter storm has moved out of here and although it is painfully cold outside, the roads are a bit more drivable today.  Considering that we only got ice, this is a huge deal in the South.

School was on today with a two hour delay.  Michael would have preferred another day home but Monday will be another holiday so he'll get a three day weekend and that will make him smile.  I love that little dimpled smile.  He will be eleven next week and I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around that just quite yet.

Nick is a man on the go and I have to say that I am kind of beaming with pride here.  He is going to start taking some classes next week to help him get hired on full-time with the company that he has been interning with for the last couple of months.  Between that and working on growing his Podcast, I think that by this time next year he is going to be doing A-OK for himself.  

Frank is working.  I have been in the writing zone and loving it and after the birthdays next week, life will really be pretty normal around here.  I am SO looking forward to that.

So what about you?  Now that the holidays are officially over, and, God willing, you are not buried in three feet of snow, have you found your life returning to normal?


Ruth said...

Two feet here, no kidding. Parts of Western MA got up to 30 inches! Both kids were off school (of course), for tomorrow DD has a 90 minute delay and DS has off again. I almost hope he has off on Friday too, the school is really starting to piss me off to be honest. We're working on cycling him off one of his meds (he has ADHD/Aspergers and is on 3 different prescriptions) and the school counselor is having a hissy fit because she says he's having behavior problems at school. You would too if you were on a lower than accustomed dose of an atypical antipsychotic! I don't know why he was put on it in the first place, he's never had any psych issues diagnosed. I've been feeling for a long time that the school is too meds-pushy, kwim? Every time he misses a couple doses they call child protective services on me. He's turning 16 in July, it's getting to the point that I'm seriously considering encouraging him to drop out after this year is over (IIRC kids can legally leave school at 16). We can continue his education at home.

Sorry, just needed to vent I guess!

Lola said...

No normal around here. I'm still looking for a job and I have tons o paperwork to do. I have to file for Social Security for my daughter and file for Guardianship because she turns 18 in April. I printed out all the forms for both and used almost a ream of paper, 1 full printer cartridge and 2 partial printer cartridges. Sheesh!

Oh, and my car still isn't done and my rental allowance is running out. The claims adjuster is supposed to transfer the claim the party at fault so I can get 100% reimbursement no matter how much it costs. I asked for email confirmation of this, but I'm still waiting. I will go nuts if I have to turn in the rental early. There is absolutely no way to get around where I live without a car. There is no public transportation.