Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teacher's of the Round Table...

Yesterday I had a meeting up at Michael's school with their Student Support Team. The principal initiated this meeting and I was sent a very basic letter "inviting" me to come and talk with this team about ways to help Michael do better in the classroom. I know that he needs help so of course I went.

I arrived at the school only five minutes early (I planned to get there sooner but afternoon traffic was a killer!). Michael's teacher was waiting for me in the lobby and we walked to the meeting together - which was in a trailer just outside the main building. We opened the door and there sat a group of EIGHT people!! I was a little overwhelmed. I actually stood there and gaped. I was like "Wow, there are a lot of you!" They found me amusing.

Over the next 30 minutes this group of amazing people (there was his teacher, his science/social studies teacher, a guidance councilor, a speech pathologist, a clinical psychologist/social worker, the principal...I forgot what the other's did because I was a little shell-shocked) asked me questions and actually listened to me about Michael. They asked his teacher very specific questions. They offered suggestions. When I told them about the medication his pediatrician put him on for ADD they all gasped! Apprently, this particular medication can sort of bring out or escalate his anger issues. Charming. Yet another point for doctor "touchy-feely". They recommened taking him off of the meds and not one of them - most of who have daily interaction with Michael - felt that he was ADD! Lucky for me I found the big ADD expert to treat my child, right?

I left there feeling encouraged. I felt that today somebody, SOMEBODY, was actually going to try and help my boy. They are working on ways to structure his day a little more. No surprises seems to work for him. The psychologist is going to spend some time observing him and his behavior as well as that of the teacher. She actually came here to the bookstore today to talk with me a little bit more! I can't get his doctor to talk to me about Michael for more than 30 seconds and this woman who I just met took time out of her morning to drive to my place of business and give me some more information.

I'm a bit emotional about the whole damn situation. You know, I had a heinous pregnancy with Michael. We had prayed for another child for so long and when I did finally conceive, it was just awful. I was sick every day of that pregnancy. I was suicidal at one point and I remember reading an article that said that mother's who have stressful pregnancies (or are depressed, have anxiety, whatnot) will tend to have children who are more high maintenance. Well, he has certainly been that and more at times. But most of the time, he is warm and cuddly. He is my little Bean. I hate that he is struggling with anything! I want him to be happy. I want him to have good days. I don't want to think about him having to be "observed" because no one knows what in the world is wrong with him.

I want my family to be supportive. I don't want them passing judgement or mocking me with stupid comments like "Well, you prayed for him!" or "Remember, you just had to have another child!" What kind of crap is that? He is a little boy that they should love! He's just a little different and needs some extra love and understanding!

I wish I could just take him and hug him right now.

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Nani said...

it's nice to hear that the school system is taking such steps to help him....and no matter what others might say I know you know in your heart- that he is a child of God and is to be loved, cherished and encouraged - share that w/them the next time they don't have nice things to say about your wonderful son