Friday, April 10, 2009

Ponderings While Shopping...

So today is my day off. I did not get to sleep as late as I wanted to and I am no longer in my jammies. I've pretty much failed in all of my dreams of what I would do with my day off. That's not a bad thing, though.

Michael and I were out of the house by 11:30 and we had a lunch date at the new New York Bagel and Deli that opened up here in town. For those of you who live near me, I HIGHLY recommend this place. We decided to dine-in and our sandwiches were HUGE! Michael had the "Empire State" sandwich - Boars Head turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes on a bagel. It was the size of his head! I got my favorite - the Italian hero. Yummy!!! I was in my total Italian girl glory. They even had real New York style potato salad! I almost cried. I seriously considered hugging the staff that worked there, but I refrained.

While Michael was finishing up his lunch, I went back up to the counter and ordered some pastries for later to surprise Frank. I got black and white cookies, chocolate logs, crumb cake, bear claws and some sort of Easter Egg cake. I so can't wait until after dinner tonight! Too bad I just can't skip dinner and eat cake FOR dinner! How perfect would that be? Um...totally. So for all you New Yorkers here in the NC area, New York Bagels and Deli is in the Heritage Subdivision next to the Wal-Greens (that is on the corner of Rogers Road). Well worth the trip. We had their bagels last week and they were amazing. Their actual address is 929-100 Heritage Lake Road.

Okay, so after the very filling lunch, Michael and I had errands to run and were in and out of a bunch of stores. Here's some questions that came to mind while I was roaming around:
- When did handbags/pocketbooks get so big?
- When did underwear get so small?
- Why is a 20 oz. bottle of coke $1.39 but a two-liter is only $1.59?
- What justifies a $7 magazine?
- What's the point of having 37 check-out stations if you only plan on utilizing
three of them?
These are the things that run around my brain while I'm shopping. There is a LOT of ugly stuff out there that I cannot believe anyone would buy. Ever.

It wasn't a bad day off. I do have to drive in to Raleigh either tonight or tomorrow morning to the Verizon "tech" store because my useless piece of ____ cell phone is killing me. Slowly and painfully. I purchased a ringtone for it the other day, paid for it, and my phone will not allow me to use it because it claims that I don't have enough memory on it!!! Now I can't get rid of the charge for it on my monthly bill. So I went to my local Verizon store and the guy there starts playing with the phone and he's like "Dude, what is UP with your phone?" Um, dude-alert , that's why I'm here talking to YOU. He's telling me that all KINDS of things are wrong with my phone. I'm like "I just want to hear the How I Met Your Mother theme song when my phone rings!" Now I have to go to their local "tech" store to have some phone-nerd fix my phone or replace it. I'm opting for replacing it.

Could I be that lucky?

I'll keep you posted.

Have an awesome Good Friday, my friends. Roo, if you are reading this, I hope all went well with your little boy today. You are in my prayers.


Roo said...

Stacey... thanks for remembering us yesterday. There are a couple of posts on my page with updates. So far, so good. Just to clear up any misunderstanding, Trevor is my nephew, but is the only one I've got. He is the only grandchild in our family (he has a half-sister but we don't see her with any regularity).

Nani said...

oh the whole open-or should I say CLOSED check-out lane thing kills me at Walmart & thats one reason I only shop there for specific things and only about once a mth...if that.

went to Target on Fri. and they had managers opening lanes, helping you get to an open lane and they are actually FRIENDLY! Go figure- open the lanes they have for good customer service and happy to do it too!