Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Beautiful Day...

After the bliss that was yesterday, I was almost fearful of getting up this morning. I mean, how could we possibly top it? Well, newsflash, you can't. But I got up anyway and got myself ready for church. Week four, for anyone keeping count (I missed last Sunday because I was sick).

Michael and I arrived, I walked him to his class and headed in to the main building. I say hi to a few people and was just checking out the info board when one of the big metal signs falls off of it - narrowly missing my head! The woman right behind me made me wish that it DID hit me! We know that I don't name names on here but those of you who know me, will know what was running around in my brain. She turns around and is like "Is there nothing you won't do to get attention, Stacey?" She said it with a laugh but all I'm thinking is "get me the heck out of here!" She then went on for several minutes talking about the importance of friendships and being friendly to everyone and I kept a smile plastered on my face the whole time but in my head I was slapping her silly!

You see, this woman and I have known each other for years. We've gone to church together, we were in MOPS together...I mean, our paths have been crossing for years and I've never, ever, EVER felt close to her. Then, one afternoon several months ago, she came in to the bookstore, made a fuss about something, and then wrote a nasty e-mail about me to my boss. What she didn't know was that the other boss was standing only five feet away and witnessed the whole thing AND one of my very dear friends was also standing at the desk. Not one word of her e-mail was truthful. She came in asking for something, I could not do it at that exact moment, I asked her to give me a few days, and she left. But her actions afterwards and her lies linger on. So she can spout all she wants about friendship and kindness but I know what she is really like.

But I digress...I got away from her as fast as possible and for the next hour and a half I was surrounded by wonderful people, hearing God's words, singing some beautiful praise music and just felt happy. After the service several people walked over to talk to me because they had seen me lurking around these last few weeks and wanted to come over and catch up, I got to stop and talk to a couple who have a very ill infant and just hug them both and let them know I was praying for them (You can see their story at Nothing 2 Bring ) and just walk around in the sunshine on this beautiful Sunday.

It is actually quite hot outside today and I honestly think that I will spend the remainder of the day indoors enjoying the A/C, but for the morning, it was nice to be out. I wish all of you a beautiful day!

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