Monday, April 13, 2009

A Heartfelt Easter

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It felt weird this year. Not just the day in general, but even the time leading up to it. I was not in to making plans, I had no idea what I was making for dinner until the day before...all very unlike me. Michael informed us that he did not want any eggs or baskets, there was no need for an egg hunt. All he really wanted was a chocolate bunny and maybe, just maybe a little gift. Considerate, right?

So yesterday began with the giving of the chocolate bunnies and gift cards plus the DVD of "Bolt". The boys were very thankful. I got up and got myself ready for church but I just was not feeling it. Michael and I went to church (Nick went with Beckah) and we got there early and really had no idea where we were supposed to go. After some random wandering, we found out. Michael went to his service and I headed off to mine. I had the opportunity to sit with an old friend. We see each other from time to time but she was truly surprised to see me at church yesterday. When she invited me to sit with her and her family, I readily agreed. The music was nice, the sermon was relevant but I still wasn't there.

Then came the closing of the service and they sang "Amazing Grace". And I wept like a baby. I hear this song all the time on the radio at work but standing there and singing it brought me to my knees. Thankfully, my friend had tissues because I was a mess. Not only does this wonderful song/prayer say so much about what Jesus did for us, but it was one of my grandmother's favorites. Standing there singing it reminded me of all of the times she came to church with me and sang it while standing beside me. My heart hurt. On a day where we are to remember the one who died and rose again for us, I was also remembering the one that I am missing the most. I was a mess by the time I got home.

BUT...when I got home, there was my wonderful husband. My knight in shining armor. Ladies, everyone should have one of these. Frank doesn't go to church with me and I have learned to deal with that a very long time ago. But when I got home yesterday he was deep in to my "honey-do" list that I have been wanting him to do for ages. The yard was clean, the broken swing set was dealt with, tools were put away, air filters were changed...I mean, the man WORKED all day right up until dinner time. Acts of service is truly my love language and on a day that I needed it most, my man came through. It's just another reason that I love him so.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter. I hope that you were surrounded by those that you love the most.

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