Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day - Part 2: Where is Steve Perry?

Okay, so when you think about Valentine's Day, you think of love. You think of love songs. So imagine my surprise tonight when I was flipping through the TV channels and stumbled upon VH1 Classics "Top 10 Break Up Songs of All Time".


Um, excuse me. We are supposed to be celebrating LOVE not breaking up with someone and wishing hateful, painful things upon them. See my sidebar of top "angry woman" songs. Now THOSE are great break up songs. Oh no, wait, I guess those would really fall in to the category of "post" break up songs where you are truly wishing that your ex-boyfriend would die. Okay, that's a little dramatic. These are the songs you play when you've lost 20 pounds, look fabulous, have a totally hotter new boyfriend and you see the lying, weaselly jacka__ who broke your heart. But I digress. Back to VH1. So I happen to arrive on the channel during the video of Journey's "Separate Ways". FYI, GREAT song. This was when Journey was at it's peak and I clearly remember having that album. Yes, ALBUM. And the cassette. I listened to it often. But this all got me wondering, "What every happened to Steve Perry?" The man had a phenomenal voice! I mean, no one sang like Steve Perry. I remember talk of him having some sort of throat cancer but I wasn't sure if it was true. Then there was talk of him getting hurt and needing hip replacement surgery. Sure all of these things were kind of confirmed on a Wikipedia search but my question still remains - Where is Steve Perry?

You know, there are a LOT of really BAD singers out there. There are singers out there who don't sing, they SCREAM. Badly. There are singers with really weak, whiney voices. But oh, Steve Perry. Now THAT was a voice! Fellow fans of the 80's, you know what I'm talking about. We've all swayed (with lighters lit) to the likes of "Faithfully" and "Open Arms". We've rocked to "Don't Stop Believing", "Be Good to Yourself" and "Separate Ways". I've not heard a voice quite like that since. Now that was good music.

So Steve Perry, should you ever stumble upon this blog, know that there are people out here who really and truly MISS your beautiful voice. Sure, Journey may get new singers who kind of sound like you, but there really is only one you.

Just another reason to miss the 80's.


Renee said...

You have got to be kidding me...Steve Perry was my all time favorite singer. His voice was amazing. Yes, I definitely remember the lighter held high in tribute to Journey. Today it is the cell phone. Yes, I do remember the "LP" album and I even remember 8 tracks from my childhood!!! OMG I am revealing my age! Anyway, my son 23 yrs. old has a part-time job on top of his full time job at a restaurant and he sometimes has to work in the bar, where they play the oldies and the 80's, he sometimes breaks into song..."don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling.." remember. So I asked him, what ever happened to Steve Perry, he tried to convince me that the "new" singer in Journey was Steve Perry. NO WAY, not even close, he looks nothing like him. He's just too young to understand about Steve Perry. If you ever find out where he is or what happened to him, let me know.

Fellow Journey Fan

Nani said...

i say the samething to Brian about some people who we see singing on tv....that they are SCREAMING! Now take into consideration, my hubby used to be the lead singer in a band for many years(before we met)and he sang at our wedding(does not sing for me now-thats a whole another story)but he says no their not, their singing! I say why does it hurt my ears and I cant understand a thing they are saying!