Monday, February 16, 2009

Three O'Clock Chocolate

Okay, so I've been walking. Still loving it. I lost five pounds. Five pounds. Five stupid-that's-all-there-is pounds. I'm walking like a fiend and all I have to show for it after three weeks if five pounds. To be honest, I have not been all that careful about what I've been eating so I guess I've just been walking off all of the junk I've been eating. I never claimed to be some sort of genius.

So today it is back to the dreaded "D" word. Diet. Ick. I found a diet in the last issue of "Woman's World" magazine that looked appealing and like something that I could do. There were no weird foods, nothing crazy, just a pretty basic food plan. You eat a banana (or two) for breakfast. I figured I'd give it a try. Today is day one. I got through breakfast okay - it wasn't very filling but I know that tomorrow I can add to it and be okay. Lunch was good and very filling. According to this plan, I am allowed some dark chocolate after 3 p.m.

3 p.m.

It is 2:39 pm right now and it feels like the clock has not moved in HOURS!! It's not even that I am all that hungry but I just WANT the darn chocolate. Can twenty minutes really make a big difference? I DON'T KNOW but I am unwilling to risk it! Suppose the whole science to this particular meal plan/diet is that you only lose the weight if you wait until after 3 p.m to eat the chocolate? Sure it sounds crazy but what if it's true? Stanger things have been known to happen. I can't take that risk but man-oh-man! I want the chocolate!!!

Maybe the chocolate - if eaten after 3 pm - kills all of the calories consumed before it? What if there is something magical about that dark chocolate (mmm...chocolate!) that when eaten at 3 pm actually MELTS AWAY large amounts of flab, fat and cellulite? Maybe, just maybe by waiting until 3:00 you can magically transport yourself to that time in your life when you WERE the ideal weight! That would be some powerful chocolate and all the more reason so eat it!

I guess that maybe they would have mentioned that in the initial article, but how cool would that be?

I don't plan on writing for the next twenty minutes just to pass the time, I mean, THAT would be crazy. Surely I can find something to do to pass the time. Oh, and did I mention that the Girl Scout cookies that I ordered came in today? And that they are sitting here at the desk with me! THIN MINTS!!! Lots and lots of THIN MINTS!!!

Stupid 3 p.m. chocolate. Killing me! Okay, refocus! I walked a mile this morning when I woke up and did my 10 minute Power 90 Ab routine. I'm feeling good. The girls and I are getting together tonight to walk at least another two miles. I'm looking forward to it. Not as much as the chocolate, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

So for those of you reading this...go and have a piece of chocolate for me!! Enjoy the freedom of eating-chocolate-any-time-you-want. I envy you.

Sixteen minutes to go.


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Nani said...

LOL!!!!! So what time did you eat it???? Oh and congrats on 5 pounds....5 pounds lost is much better than 5 pds gained...enjoy the sweet success and let me know how the diet works out

Scribbit said...

The worst part for me in trying to avoid chocolate on a diet is how I still have a husband who requires a chocolate dessert with every meal. It's murder!

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Maybe the power of waiting until 3 comes from proving to yourself you can do it and building your self-discipline.

Did you make it?

MoziEsmé said...

I am feeling such strong empathy pangs for you! Been there... :)