Monday, February 2, 2009


You know, no other day of the week feels like a Monday. Things just don't go well on a Monday. Believe me, I've been documenting this for some time and something always happens on a Monday and it's hardly ever good.

So I got up this morning (as I usually do) and came to work. Now, I was here at 8:35. The store does not open until 9:00. The crying boy was already here. I told him that he had to wait outside until at least 8:50. Sorry but I've got things to do to get the store opened and there is no reason to be here any earlier than ten minutes before class. Seriously, people! I'm getting myself set up for the day and the computer was not working properly. The keyboard would not work. Now I am certainly no computer tech and so after crawling around under the desk checking connections I came to the conclusions that nothing was going to help. I checked in with the boss and we decided to switch keyboards with our back computer and I was in business. Okay, moving right along...not a great way to start the morning but I'm going with it.

Next up was arguing with the teen because crying boy left class after only 45 minutes supposedly because he had to pick up his brother but lo-and-behold, he's at MY house! I told Nick that I did not really want him there and he's like, oh it's no big deal. He's in a good mood and he's helping me fold the laundry.

Sidebar: I may be freakishly over-sensitive here, but how many of you out there are comfortable with some strange kid/person handling your underwear?

Okay, we're back. So I'm telling Nick how I'm not comfortable and he's repeating my every word out loud so this kid can hear! Now I'm ticked. I tell him that he will be dealt with in my low, menacing, ticked-off-mom tone. I felt a little like Darth Vader in that moment. Like I gave him the warning, hung up the phone and felt like I should have flung my black cape behind me and stomped off while menacing music was playing. How cool would that be? Anyway, as if all of that wasn't enough, I brought soup with me for lunch and forgot a spoon!!! NOW my day is ruined.

I want to go home, go straight to bed and pull the covers over my head and wait for Tuesday. It's got to be better than today!

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