Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly roundup...

Okay so it's Friday. My day off. It has been a hellacious week to say the least. I am both mentally and physically exhausted and just a touch cranky. So here's where it's all at:

- Nick is on the mend. After a few days of high fevers and feeling like death, he is doing much, much better. We went to the doctor on Wednesday and it turned out that he had this secondary infection and was put on antibiotics and is now like a new person. He cannot return to work for another week but he's okay with that. His spleen is slightly enlarged and he has to be seen again in two weeks to check it again. All that remains of his former sick self is a little cough and some congestion. Not too bad.

- I walked something like 27 miles last week, while on a strict diet, WHILE I had my period and all I lost was two stinking pounds. This week I was NOT so strict with my diet (Thanks to the Thin Mints in my house), I've walked 13 miles thus far and have lost nothing. I am SO not amused.

- I've been battling a sore throat all week long and today is the first day that I feel better. Praise the LORD!

- We had been relatively pleased that there had been no problems at school for Michael for almost two weeks when it all came to an end yesterday. His teacher sent home a note. Most of you who know me, know that I tend to side with the teacher but this time after talking to Michael about the situation, I really think that this woman is just not ready to have a classroom on her own. This is her first year teaching and, in my opinion, she should have come in as an assistant first. I know that the school was desperate for a third grade teacher but this woman clearly doesn't have realistic expectations of her class nor does she know how to run a class. I'm contemplating a meeting with the principal because I refuse to let my child continually be harassed and that's what I'm beginning to feel like.

- We're starting to see the snowball effect from all those weeks that Frank was out of work. Bills are rolling in with higher balances than I would like. Playing catch-up sucks.

- I ruffled some feathers with my Amateur Psychology blog. It was not directed at any one person. Believe me, if it were just one person that I was dealing with, I would be fine. But it's not. And it's not like I hate helping people or talking to people, it's just that right now I have problems of my own and no body bothers to ask about them or volunteer to sit and listen to me talk about them. Hence, the blog.

- And right now I am totally NOT panicking that they boy has LOST (yes, LOST) his antibiotics. He is frantically searching the house right now but notice how calm I am?

So that's our deal right now. Awful, right? I'm waiting for some good news - ANY good news would do! I hope that someone out there is getting some good news today. Because right now it sure isn't me.

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Dotwigg said...

It always rains before it pours but clearer skies are coming. :)

Rest in knowing that things will get better!, (it may not be until you are ascending in the sky, but Things WILL be good then!!!)

If you want to talk, I am always available and will even treat to a smoothie at Spinners they are SOOOO worth it and make everything better :).