Friday, February 13, 2009

"Walk Away the Pounds"

Okay so we're in to week 3 of this walking thing with the "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD series. I'm still enjoying it and so are my friends. We started out kind of mellow with the one mile walk. It was a little challenging because the instructor - Leslie Sansone - uses 2 pound weights during the routine to give your upper body a workout too. This is, of course, a good thing but you really do feel the burn quickly.

Next we moved on to the two mile walk. There was a LOT more use of the upper body in this one - both with and without the weights - AND she upped the intensity of the walking. It's a great workout and is challenging. You most definitely sweat.

Well because we are a determined bunch, we threw in a small kickboxing routine. Nothing major, just some beginner kickboxing moves. Moves that you feel in every daggone muscle in your body. Now we do this little workout AFTER the two mile walk.

Last night it was just Cathleen and myself working out so we decided to try the three mile walk - but no kickboxing. Now for those of you who have been reading All Stace since the get-go, you know that I did a LOT of time on my treadmill. I upped the speed, used the incline and weights. I was certainly no pushover with that workout. Well this stupid three-mile walk just about kicked my butt. I mean, the sweat was POURING off of me, I was guzzling water like I had been wandering the Sahara for a week and by the time I was done, I seriously could not feel my thighs.

When we first did the two mile walk, it was using the one-mile walking routine, twice. THEN we moved to the actual two-mile routine. Well, I think I would rather do that one-mile routine THREE times than do that three mile walk any time soon! When we get together tonight we are going back to our two mile walk with a kickboxing follow up. I'm good with that. Seriously. I refuse to get on the scale until next week but I have lost a total of 6 pounds without any real dieting. So I'm happy.

So if you are looking for a good workout DVD to get you moving without getting crazy, check out the "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD's with Leslie Sansone. She is a great instructor and the workouts can be done at any pace. If I were doing this alone, I never would have gone on to the three mile walk yet. I learned while treadmilling that you have to move and increase slowly so you don't over-do it and burn out. Particularly if you are not doing it every day. We are not meeting every day - sometimes not even every other day - so in my opinion I would suggest doing each segment for at least two weeks before moving on.

I am certainly no workout instructor. I'm just someone who is trying to get my 40 year old body in to some kind of decent shape and be healthy. Is that an achievable goal? Gosh, I hope so!! I'd hate to think that I am sweating for nothing!


Nani said...

okay....sorry but I am confused...are you watching a dvd and staying indoors or are you walking the neighborhood??

Good for you old lady! HEHE!

Clellie said...

Hey Stace!
Love your blog (just found it).
Question: is this workout done on a treadmill?