Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Buzz?

Okay, I have to admit, I enjoy watching award shows. Sort of. I like to watch the red carpet - for a short amount of time. I enjoy the ceremony of it all - for a short amount of time. I want to see what everyone is wearing. Why? I don't know. Fashion is not a hobby of mine. I'm most comfortable in sweats and t-shirts. I'll never be the sequined, bejeweled diva, that is for sure!

So last night I was excited for the Oscars. I saw NONE of the movies being honored. So I went in to it with no expectations. Well, I enjoyed the opening number - which is always cheesy - but it was entertaining. I thought it was cool that for each of the acting categories, previous winners in groups of 5 came out to do the presenting. I enjoyed the scaled-back stage setting. For a large portion of the show I was actually in the other room on the computer. But I could HEAR what was going on.

Now I know that I am no movie-maven or production executive, but I can remember a time when the people at the Oscars were actually relevant to the movies. The people honored (or at least presenting the honor) were talented people. I hardly consider cast members from "High School Musical" or Miley Cyrus for that matter, worthy of even BEING at the Oscars! That is my honest opinion. I mean, in the front row you have acting royalty like Meryl Streep having to sit through a song and dance routine with these annoying teen stars who will all be forgotten in five years. I think that is a crime - not that they're going to be forgotten but the fact that they were even allowed in!

And because I have a sense of the morbid, I do enjoy (maybe that is the wrong word) the "In Memorium" portion of the show. There were some really amazing actors who passed away this year and whoever directed the Oscars this year deserves one big, giant slap in the face. I mean, half the time you couldn't even SEE who they were showing on the screen because the camera man was flying around like he was on a deflating balloon! Note to future directors of the Academy Awards: When you are paying tribute to those who are no longer with us, do you think you can actually FOCUS on the people? I mean, get all flashy and twirly when Miley and the cast of High School Musical are on the stage but when paying respect to the departed, hold the dang camera still! Shame on you!

I was glad that Kate Winslet won. I was glad that Brad Pitt lost. I loved the fact that a little known movie won for best picture. To me, that should be what the awards are all about - not about the movie with the biggest budget because when you have a limitless budget, it's easier to make the movie. How about handing out awards to the poor guys who had to scrape and struggle to get their little known movie that stars people who don't demand $20 million for their part? So yeah! to Slumdog Millionaire. I still have no real desire to see it but good for them!

All in all, it was a decent show. Although it was greatly predicted, I still cried when Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting Actor and his family came up to accept the award. What strong people. Can you imagine how weird and awkward that must have been for them? To have their son honored that way and to have to accept on his behalf and never be able to celebrate that fact with him. I was glad to see many in the audience reacting the same way that I was - with tears.

I've never had dreams of winning an Oscar. Acting isn't my thing. But it is fun to sit and watch and play critic for a night. Strange, right?

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