Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Day After...

The men did not return from the ER until around 3:30 a.m. The diagnosis? Mono. The boy is devestated and did not want anyone to know this but I really don't see the big deal. It seems that everyone that I have spoken to today has dealt with it in their families at one time or another.

Here's my main issue: I am helpless. There is NOTHING that I can do to help my child feel better. Michelle asked me if I wanted to take some time off of work. There's no reason to because there is nothing that I can do. His body has to do it all on its own. There are no antibiotics. There are no pills, liquids or sprays that will help him and it is killing me. He's not tired. He's been awake all day. His appetite in non-existent and I had to force him to eat a couple of bites of his dinner tonight. Then I went to DQ and got him a vanilla milkshake. One of his favorites. Hopefully he will drink it.

We've washed all of his bedding, we've Lysoled the bed and the pillows. He showered (praise GOD!) and tried to wash some of the general "yuck" off of himself. I bought him a new toothbrush and new toothpaste. There are multiple bottles of Lysol around the house as well as some extra bottles of hand sanitizer. I think I've done all that I can and yet it still seems insignificant. He'll miss classes this week and most likely a couple of days of work. Although, if the fever is gone for more than 24 hours and he doesn't exert himself, he might want to go just to get out of the house. We have to wait and see.

The thing that sucks most about this virus? It can last a few weeks or a few MONTHS! No one knows! What kind of nonsense is that? I am a planner! I am a list maker! An indefinite illness is SO NOT MY THING!!! I don't know how to work with that!!

On a cheery note, I did NOT get myself a DQ milkshake this evening. I behaved myself. I walked a total of 27 miles since Monday. Well, it made me feel good.

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