Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now I feel guilty about the candy bar...

So I have been "Walking Away the Pounds" with some friends. There are four of us doing it and we are only in to week two but we are really getting it together. We have no real schedule because it is very hard to coordinate four busy lives.

Last week I walked 5 days. Four of those days I walked 2 miles. On that fifth day I only did a mile. This is a fabulous DVD and I think just about anyone can do it. We are four women. Four different women with different body types, metabolism, weight goals, and exercise goals. This week I missed our Sunday night walk. There were many reasons for it but the other three went. Some nights there's only two of us, other nights there's three of us, there's yet to be all four of us there at the same time. It all works out because we just really want to support one another. Well tonight there was only going to be two of us. No problem. But then, my buddy, my pal, my BEEG, backed out. Oh, yes you did! So now I was facing the lack of an exercise buddy and was getting ready to pull out the Gazelle when one of my other friends called and had cleared her schedule so that she could walk. I threw on a sweatshirt and sneakers and ran out the door to go and meet her.

But first I had to finish chewing the Dove Dark Chocolate bar that I had eaten in self pity. Dark chocolate's good for you, right?

I did my two mile walk - with weights - and feel fabulous. Let me encourage all of you out there who don't think that there is a workout out there for you to try these "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD's. It is fabulous! You can do a pretty low intensity workout if you want or kick it up with some weights. I feel good and I am already seeing results. In the last two weeks I've lost 4 pounds. One of our ladies lost 3 1/2 pounds last week. As I learned from my Biggest Loser obsession (see earlier post), the key to weight loss is having a partner/buddy to go through it with you.

So to my girls who are walking with me, I love you all (except the one who blew me off tonight!!!). Just kidding, I do love all of you and thank you all for the support and inspiration that you all give to me. You guys rock. I am blessed to have friends like you.

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