Monday, August 18, 2008

My Disney Diet - Four More Weeks!

Yippy! We are at the final stretch of this vacation watch and I am just giddy with anticipation. I am holding steady at 20 pounds and I am PMSing - which is not helping. I ate two chocolate Pop-Tarts last night at 11:00 at night because it was either do that or throw something big and heavy at someone. So really, the Pop-Tart was the wise choice.

Coming in to the home stretch I feel like I have accomplished so much and still not enough. I always get really lazy right before I hit any goal. It's easier to fail than it is to succeed. Well, at least it is to me. I am used to failure, I'm not so used to success. I was feeling pretty good about my weight when my dear sister threw her weight in to the conversation the other day - I don't even think she had a reason to, come to think of it! But the fact remains that she claims to only weigh 134. Now, I have not seen 134 since right after Nick was born some 16 years ago. Do I believe her? No. You know how really expensive clothes are cut differently than normal people clothes? Yes, you do - the more expensive the outfit the larger a size 2 seems to be. I told you about my miracle SuperTarget capris - I can wear a size 6 in them, even though the rest of my wardrobe still says 10. Maybe wealthy people also have scales that say that they weigh less. Damn, I should have gotten on her scale while I was up there - just to compare. I'm always a day late with these great ideas!

So, with Michael back in school, it was back to business as usual this morning. I got up on early, did my walk, ate my egg, went to work where I was harassed by all sorts of people and did not sit down once. I finally got to eat my turkey chili somewhere near 3:00 (while standing and helping a customer) and did not actually get to use the bathroom until I got home at 5:40. My legs are so ready for the marathon walking of a Disney vacation! And apparently my bladder is equally ready for the long bathroom lines of a Disney vacation. Yeah, me, I'm prepared.

Think thin, everyone, and pray that someone eats the rest of the chocalte Pop-Tarts before I do.

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