Thursday, August 7, 2008

And you're surprised, why?

It's been a while since I've had a good family story and well...honestly, I was just trying to be good. But sometimes, stuff just gets thrown at you and it has to be let out.

My grandmother is dying. She's been sick for several years now, but hospice care started last week. She lives with one sister, and another one has come to visit for a couple of weeks. There has been an almost constant stream of bbq's and family get togethers. Me, personally? I think that most of these people who are hanging around are extremely irritating - I hope grandma doesn't - because I would hate to think of her final days being spent having to deal with people that she cannot stand. That would suck. Today's bbq/luncheon will be spent at my mom's house. She is preparing a big feast and the same 12 people who were at the last 5 luncheons will be there. Seriously, I don't get it. I mean, we're not a small family, can we not scrounge up a couple of different faces? And why do so many people have off during the week? It makes no sense. But I digress...Yesterday, mom went out and did all of her shopping for the big shin-dig with my sister - who was doing her catering shopping. Apparently at some point in the shopping trip, there was a heated discussion over who was paying for what. Now, my sister had her entourage (spelling?) with her so there were four people, four carts filled with food. But at the check-out, only mom was questioned about chipping in. True, the luncheon was mom's idea but in her basket were not only items for that, but items that my sister put in there for her son, the house, etc. The shopping posse had put personal items in the other carts but not asked to contribute. Yes I know this all sound ridiculous, but seriously, these are the things that I have to hear about and I think it's equally ridiculous and because I am a giving type of gal, I am sharing with you. So I guess food for our dying grandmother, not really a necessity but vodka (or some other useless item) for your friend, necessary. Huh, who knew.

Long story short (HA!), my sister paid, my sister was not happy about it, snippiness was heard all around on all sides for the entire day. When mom told the story last night, several things went through my mind. 1. Why are you surprised? This is the type of thing my sister (and my dad, for that matter) are famous for. Treat people who have everything TO everything, and make those who have nothing feel like crap and pay. 2. Seriously? This is surprising? and finally, 3. Refer to 1 & 2.

Oh, and seriously, 600 miles away, still not far enough.

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