Friday, August 22, 2008

Guess who got a job?

I am so old. I am so freakishly old that I should be driving around in one of those hover-round chairs!

Nick got a job.

Seriously. Nick is even now, as we speak, at work.

Okay, I dealt (somewhat) with being the parent of a teenager. I dealt (a bit better) with being the parent of a teenager with a girlfriend. I dealt (really badly) with being the parent of a teenager who could drive. But this? This whole job thing, it's like I'm one step away from collecting social security. I mean, there are most definitely going to be perks to this: 1.) He now will stop using my wallet as his personal ATM. 2.) He can start paying for his own cell-phone and text messages. 3.) He can actually PAY for a date and take his sweet little girlfriend someplace nice that she deserves (I love Beckah!). and finally, 4.) He'll stop annoying the crap out of me when he wants something!!!

Oh, the fun I am going to have watching this. Today is his first day on the job and it really is just training/orientation. While driving him over, I thought I was going to have to push his head between his knees to stop the hyperventilating! The boy needs to majorly relax. I'm like, "Why are you so nervous?" He's like, "What if they fire me?" Now, Nick has always had a flair for the dramatic but I'm thinking, what could you POSSIBLY do on your first day that you would get fired? It's darn near impossible to have that happen! You know that just because I said that that something ridiculous is going to happen where he will NEARLY get fired. Trust me, strange stuff like this happens around me all the time. I'm not even surprised anymore by it.

So next time you're shopping at Lowes Foods, check out the adorable new bag-boy and if he is hyperventilating, just grab a paper bag for him and smile.

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