Thursday, August 21, 2008


Fear not, my friends, mailmen of the world are now safe. My Disney vacation packet has arrived.


Nick called me at work to let me know of it's arrival and I literally danced around the store with glee. Customers just stared at me like I was some kind of loon but luckily they all know me and all I had to do was tell them of my Disney mail and they all nodded with understanding. It's good to have supporting people around you.

So, my magical mail had all of my goodies that I mentioned yesterday BUT my Magical Express tag even had my name printed on it. That makes this trip...doubly real!!! My name in print on official documents...OMG!!! Of course, my name in print on official "nut house" documents may not be far behind if I don't get a solid grip on myself here.

I actually have all of the documents for the three of us (me, mom & sis) and I'm trying to divvy everything up fairly. I think I should get the confetti since I will be doing the scrapbook, don't you think? I mean, fair is fair. They'd just throw it away and not appreciate all that can be done with some double-side, acid-free scapbooking sticky tape! It would be a MAGICAL page! So I'm keeping it. The Mickey stickers, too. I should get them, as well. Again, just thinking about the scapbooks that I will be making for THEM. It's not only my book I'm thinking about. Really, when you get right down to it, I'm really being quite selfless in this whole endeavor. I'm keeping all of the fun stuff for NOW so that I can share it LATER. See? That makes it all okay.

I'm just that giving. Sigh.

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