Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just as I predicted...

Thank God my family has the gift of gab because without actually being at the funeral, I was in fact, at the funeral. Via the phone.

I got the call yesterday afternoon and all I can say is ... I KNEW IT!!! There were a ton of "Are you two back together?" thrown at my folks. Their reply was hearty laughted followed by "God NO!" There was awkward moments around the house where the conversation was just plain icky (my uncle kept calling my sister sexy). Eew!! There was the fact that my parents and sister went back to my deceased uncle's home after the wake Monday night for a little while to have something to eat and my dad's tie got in the plate of meatballs and he blamed my mom! Some things never change. The fact that the house looked exactly the same as it did the last time my mom saw it (in 1980) just added to the humor of the moment. She thought that by going through the front door, she had morphed in to the past!

It was a sad occassion, all in all. Funerals are sad, there's no way around that. It's just a little more emotional when the person who has passed was so well loved by everyone and has gone way too soon. I'm still upset by the fact that I did not get to go and pay my respects in person, but thanks to the wonderful stories from my mom and sister, it's like I was there.

Rest in peace, Uncle John. We love you!

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