Monday, August 25, 2008

Evil's come-a-knockin

So my son informs me today that little Koresh contacted him. And apparently not for the first time. In today's correspondence he told Nick how he felt really bad about how things went down with them and maybe they could get together and hang out - you know, maybe once a month.


Oh, if only I could say that out loud to his face. Since the demise of the 'circle' and all of the drama that went with it, I kind of feel like my child has become a happier person and a more productive part of normal society. I don't want these influences coming back in to his life for any reason whatsoever. Now, I'm sure there are you moms out there going "Oh, Stace, you can't run his life. You know you hate other moms who do that." And while, yes, that is true, in most cases, those moms are crazy and the influences that they are trying to keep their children away from are things like people who wear black t-shirts, or people who color their the grand scheme of things, those traits are pretty tame. But keeping my child away from someone who's main goal in life is to control others, um, no thank you.

From what I can tell, the remaining members of the group have greatly dispersed. Koresh is all alone. (Wait, while I wipe away a tear). Girlfriend number one moved away with her grandparents to the midwest. Girlfriend number two (and yes, there are two of them) had her parents send her up north for a month, and of the other two in the group, one is on a missions trip (and don't even get me started on THAT one) and the other had her mom put her in to many, many church activities before actually getting a job. So in my opinion, there is no one for Koresh to be controlling right now and I'm sure that in his mind, Nick can't possibly be happy without this group. But all I can say is HA, HA! Nick is doing great, so take that! He's got a job, he's got an awesome girlfriend, he's made normal friends and re-connected with some old friends who we love and encourage him to invite over. I mean, all in all, life is pretty sweet for Nick right now.

Luckily, my son seems to think so too because he pretty much told this kid that he didn't think it was a good idea for them to really hang out. I am SO PROUD of him! I mean, the boy just has me beaming with pride right now.

Now if only I could get him to do all of his schoolwork....

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