Thursday, May 29, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Throw them at someone!

I know, it's not how the saying goes but in all honesty, it's been one of those days!! Okay, I know that I was no angel growing up but SERIOUSLY, I so do not deserve all of the crap being thrown my way as a parent. Today started out great - I did my walk, felt good, ate a good breakfast, got to work and no one was parked in my spot (it's the little things...), and this was the first biology class since last week's big prayer session, and all the kids were great! I mean, everyone was happy, everyone was getting along with eachother; it was a beautiful thing. A girl who Nick had fought with like a year ago came in today to apologize to him! It couldn't get much better, in my opinion.

And I was right. Life was about to take a nose-dive.

Nick asked if I would call the home of the one friend he had yet to make ammends with. I know the kid, I know the family. The parents are a bit on the over-protective/inconsiderate side, but I adore their son. So I make the call grudgingly and when I explained the situation to the mom - and I thought, as a Christian, that when someone is offering an apology, the gracious thing to do is at least HEAR it - she goes in to silent mode and tells me that she will speak to her son and get back to me. Okay. Twenty minutes later, she calls back, questioning all of the things that I had said to her and telling me that my son disrespected her husband 2 months ago! NO WAY! I say. She's like "My husband went to pick ...(son) up and he saw Nick and his girlfriend 'making out'.


Okay, first of all, I'm not seeing how that is disrespecting her husband, but whatever. Secondly, for those of you who know Nick, he is SO not a PDA type of person. He holds her hand, he hugs her, he has been known to kiss her on the cheek, he is most definitely not the 'tongue down your throat/groaping in public' kind of guy. He's just not. Besides that, the dad was in the car waiting for his son so if we want to get technical, Nick had no idea the man was even there so how was he being disrespectful? Disrespectful to me is if this man were there to pick Nick up and when approaching him to tell him to come on, Nick said "Hey, wait" and then swallowed his girlfriends face. But that's not how it went down! I went ballistic on Nick and the girl when I got off the phone and I tend to believe them. Then this mom goes on to tell me that she wanted to come and talk to me about all of this when it happened but the son told her not to. What is it with these moms that let their CHILDREN tell them what to do!! WE are the parents, people. We tell the children what we are going to do, not the other way around!

What I have come to discover is that the circle really seems to have grown to the parents as well. It seems that it is appropriate for some boys to openly fondle girls who they are not in a relationship with but it is not okay to show affection for a person who you are in a relationship with. Yeah, that makes sense. And what's worse, is that this woman actually had the audacity to double check the things that I said with little Koresh!!! And that's not even her son!!! WTF!!!

Honestly, I used to think that my son being friends with kids he knew from church was a good thing. What I'm finding is a bunch of hypocrites raising a bunch of un-gracious, judgemental hypocrites.

Nice world.

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