Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Disney Diet - Day 9

You know how when you're dieting, you wish that your loved ones would support you and encourage you? You know how you just ache to have them say "You can do it!" or "I have faith in you" or even "I know how hard this must be for you" (even when they are a stick figure and have not struggled a day in their life with their weight), it just makes you feel good. Until your in to the second week of your diet and have a craving. Then these people become the enemy. These are the people who - when you ask for just a bite of something - will tell you no. And it's not a supportive no, it's a condescending "You know you shouldn't be eating that, fatty" tone. TWICE in 24 hours did this happen to me!

Last night we're eating dinner from Smithfield's and I was happy to eat the BBQ with a spoonful of potato salad, a spoonful of coleslaw and only 6 hushpuppies (I can normally pack away over a dozen!). The fried chicken looked and smelled wonderful. I just wanted a taste of the skin. Yes, yes, I know, that is the absolute WORST thing to eat, but I didn't want all of it, just a small taste. Well, I got lectured like nobody's business over it by my husband and oldest child. Who, might I add, are the skinniest ones in the family. So while they are lecturing me, my young son (who is the favorite right now) slyly handed me a small taste from his piece of chicken. I prayed long and hard to have that child and I couldn't be more in praise of him than I am right now. It was like I was asking to eat the whole damn box of chicken myself! I ate the small taste and moved on - very satisfied.

Today at work, my elder child walks in shovelling a triple cheeseburger in his mouth and stops right in front of me to do it. I will throw him to the lions of "the circle" tomorrow for it. So I asked for a taste, a bite. I don't even normally like hamburgers but what I really wanted were the iced double chocolate cookies left over from a class party, which made the burger-bite the wiser choice. In front of a half a dozen kids the boy carries on about how I need to lose weight and that I can't have any. I was like "Boy, I brought you in to this world..." you know the rest. I did win. I got my taste. It was good.

To get even with me, he was rather argumentative when it came time to do the dishes before dinner tonight and because of his lollygagging, my pasta overcooked and was quite icky. I may find out where the circle is hanging out tomorrow and drop him off there!

But in all seriousness, I have lost 4 pounds in my first full week. I'm still walking on the treadmill. I have stocked up on healthy meal choices and snack choices. I did indulge a little over the weekend with a Gyro on Friday night, a nice roast beef sandwich on Saturday, and sausage and peppers on Sunday and still lost some weight. Yea, me! So hopefully I will not be continuing this quest in the exercise yard of the state prison for involuntary manslaughter any time soon.

Think thin!

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