Monday, May 19, 2008

Post-Meeting Celebration

Have you ever freaked out about something and built it up in your mind like it is a HUGE deal and then when it's over you're like...huh. Big deal, not so much. All this morning I was nervous. I was prepared with six pages worth of notes about all of the ways this girl and "the circle" have done un-Godly things and hurt my son, I had prayed and I had reviewed every possible scenario in my mind in preparation. The woman and her daughter arrived 30 minutes late. Not a good start in my opinion, but whatever. We go to one of the classrooms in the bookstore and sit on opposite sides of eachother at a table (me and Nick facing them) and I just looked at this woman and said "Talk to me".

She was very gracious even when she was having to say things that were un-flattering about Nick (I was prepared for it because he had told me all that he had done). We calmly discussed how she felt and how her daughter felt by Nick's actions. Now remember, I've got six pages of info that I was prepared to unload, but I held my tongue (a novelty) and decided to focus on the key issues: 1) If someone apologizes and you forgive them, you have to stop punishing them . 2.) No one person - especially a teenager - has the right to 'lead' anyone. If you are friends with someone then no one has the right to tell you that you cannot be. 3.) Lying is wrong. 4.) Cursing is wrong (and offensive to mothers). 5.) No one is perfect and no one is more "right with God" than anyone else. We're all sinners and whether your sin is lying or cursing, God looks at it the same way and YOU'RE BOTH WRONG!

I have to admit, I felt really good about the whole thing. We prayed together at the end and the kids agreed that their relationship is getting back on track. Nick was honest and told her that he could not truly be her friend again until she apologized to his girlfriend for all that was done to her. Go Nick! The girl agreed and they are supposed to meet together on Thursday. We left the bookstore feeling satisfied with all that had transpired and I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to see if anyone has truly changed. That's the day that little Koresh in with them all and will more than likely pout and carry on when he hears that people are actually talking to Nick again.

If Aaron Spelling were alive right now, I'd so be getting a check for millions of dollars with these plots!

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