Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Thaw Has Begun

Well, here we are at the second gathering of the teens and it was actually quite "cordial". There were no big conversations but most were pleasant to each other (and to me!) with the exception of little Koresh. I'm telling you, I'm not a violent person, but this kid pushes my buttons like no one ever has. They are all here for class today and their teacher came out to the front desk to me to ask me to pray because he is going to try something new in the class. He would not elaborate but from the way he was acting, I'm sure he feels that he will be met with some resistance. Yikes. So glad that I'm on THIS side of the door. I hear that youth group went well last night and so maybe we are seeing these teen relationships on the mend. I have noticed that more parents are getting involved as well as teachers and pastors. Only Koresh's parents seem to be in denial of their child doing anything wrong. Ever. Seriously, this is what they told today's teacher in a conference last week. I wonder what that's like to have given birth to the perfect child - one that doesn't lie (Ever), is never lazy (ever), never has an attitude (no matter what) - I mean, honestly, what must that be like? Have they even MET their child? As Christians, we know that there is truly only ONE perfect being, and this kid ain't it!

All I know is that I felt a whole lot better coming in to work this morning knowing that people were going to behave. It makes my job a whole lot easier.

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