Friday, May 2, 2008

Here an ache, there an ache, everywhere an ache, ache...

Sing it with me! Honestly, I am so far NOT impressed with the aging process. We are led to believe that we will get older and wiser but no where does it say that we get older and achier when we still think that we're young! Two weeks ago I'm in the shower shaving my legs and twisted my knee somehow and had trouble walking for days. Then from over-compensating for the whole knee-thing, I did something to my lower back and butt and found it to be excruciatingly painful to even sit! So I get through the knee and butt thing and wake up this morning with a pinky finger that won't straighten and a boatload of pain in my hand! What in the world! But wait, there's more...tonight I'm cleaning up my room and lean over the bed to grab a shirt and I hear POP! You guessed it...the opposite knee popped and now I hurt down to my toes! At this rate, I'm going to need a nurse and a cane by Monday.

Aging sucks.

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