Thursday, May 22, 2008

By the Grace of God

Every once in a while, you encounter a truly amazing human being. The type of person who cares about others and goes that extra mile even when no one has asked them to. I had the opportunity to experience this today.

While class was going on this morning where Nick and 'the circle' were, the teacher took it upon himself to spend an hour of class in the Scriptures. No one asked him to, he did it on his own. I don't know all that was said and done but by the end of class, everyone was talking again! Little Koresh even came out here and hugged me and apologized to me for all of the ways that he offended me! I cried, I honestly cried.

God Bless this wonderful teacher for his insight and the way that he cares for his students. This isn't just a job for him, he cared enough to be concerned not only about the relationships going on in the room but about the kids relationships with God.

How awesome is that?

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