Friday, May 30, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 18

Okay, so I am starting day 18 of my Disney diet with a personal victory. The treadmill that I am using is a loaner from a friend. I'm only supposed to have it for 8 weeks and that was going to end on Sunday. This coming Sunday. I have not heard yet if he's going to truly take it back. Anyway, when Frank first got this monstrosity home for me, we set it up and the first morning I got on it, I was only able to walk for about 13 minutes and I think I got up to 2.8 mph but only for a very brief time. I walked only 1/2 mile. That was the pattern that first week and I was very discouraged and didn't use it everyday because of that. So Frank got annoyed because he had gone through all the trouble of moving it all the way from Burlington and I think he just figured that I was going to quit. He was kind of right. I used it for maybe 2 weeks and then took 3 weeks off - I had my period, I hurt my back, I hurt my knee, Michael was on track out so I was sleeping in - I had my reasons.

So now I decide to start this diet and lo and behold, there's the treadmill. I got myself back on it and after looking back at that pitiful start I had with it, I can now say that this morning, at 8:01 am, I hit my personal record. I had walked for a total of 40 minutes, had gotten up to speeds of 3.4 mph, and burned 400 calories!!! YEA!!! Carol, if you are reading this, if I never have to give this treadmill back you and I are going to do the Walt Disney World Minnie Marathon in January 2010!

Now if only I could get the numbers on the scale to move with the same intensity as my numbers on the treadmill. Hmmm...

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