Thursday, May 29, 2008

I will survive!

Okay, now that I am over the hissy-fit from earlier today, I can function again. Thanks for your patience.

After I wrote earlier, I had to do something with all of my pent up energy so I decided to do another turn on the treadmill. You know, I never would have believed it but MAN does that help. With the help of an out-dated portable CD player (my MP3 died), I am walking along with a lot of pep-in-my-step. With 80-minutes of music per CD, I have created several just for my walking times. I have 'Survived' with Gloria Gaynor, I've done the 'Last Dance' with Donna Summer. I have been an 'Animal' with Def Leppard, Madonna chants at me to 'Respect Myself', I've even hopped on board the 'Love Train' with the O'Jays. Irene Cara tries to convince me that I'm gonna live forever through 'Fame', while Lionel Richie keeps me thinking about 'Dancing on the Ceiling'. And finally, Diana King 'Says a Little Prayer' for me.

There is something in these old disco-era songs that just makes me smile. I actually smile as I'm sweating my tail off walking. Today I burned 720 calories in treadmill time while only eating 445 calories before dinner. I indulged in some much-needed Chinese after my mentally traumatic day. Thank you, Frank! So next time you need a little smile in your workout, put on some frivolous music that you haven't heard in years. I promise it will make your workout a lot less painful.

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