Monday, August 23, 2010

The Mommy Diaries...

As a parent, sometimes you look at your kids and think "Dang, I did good".  Other times you want to pound your head against the wall and cry "WHY?"  Parenting has been rough lately with this renovation going on.  

Nick has essentially been M.I.A. throughout most of this.  He has found other places to stay and hang out when he's not working and he's slept out a couple of times but for the most part, he had very little to do with all of the craziness that was surrounding our family.  

However, he had drama of his own.  For starters, there was the Xbox.  Hopefully that will get shipped out soon.  Then his car broke down.  Again.  This is the third time since we got it that it has refused to start.  We are blessed to have a dear, dear friend who is a mechanic who actually found out what the problem was and was able to fix it for free.  Sweet.  But...the boy had been without a car for five days - and he spend a LOT of those five days wanting to use MY car.  

Then...there was the iPod.  Oh...the iPod.  If you are a mother who is reading this, you are either going to sympathize or want to reach through your computer and smack me.  Nick and I have an ongoing issue with the laundry.  I will DO his laundry...I really don't have a problem with that...but he refuses to empty his pockets and honestly, I don't check.  Numerous times I have gone to take the clothes from the washer and found them covered in wet paper from things he has left in his pockets.  I gripe, he essentially says "Too bad" or the ever famous "Oops", I vow to never do his laundry again and then a few days later, there I am washing his clothes.  

Then...there was the iPod.  Are you seeing where this is going?

Last night I took the clothes from the washer, put them in the dryer and heard "clank, clank, clank".  When I sorted through the clothes, there, in his jeans pocket, was the iPod.  The 30G iPod.  The 30G iPod that the boy uses like it was a lifeline.   Well, that baby is flatlining, let me tell you!

So, as the mom of an 18-year old person (man, child, take your pick), should I have to go through his pockets?  Isn't the fact that I wash the clothes enough?  Or how about the fact that I have been living in bathroom renovation HELL for two weeks and have hit my limit of bad stuff happening around here!!  
I have to admit, I feel guilty.  I feel really, really bad.  I didn't MEAN to kill the iPod.  It sucks that Nick has to suffer for making a bad decision and not listening to me on top of already being without his Xbox AND car.  

Bad mommy moment...


Jenny H said...

I started making this face as soon as I saw laundry and iPod int he same sentence: =O!!!!! My fifteen-year-old does her own laundry for that exact reason: You want it washed right, you wash it. You run a pen through my dryer, your clothes get ruined AND you clean it. But yeah... you shouldn't feel bad. You DID tell him to at least clean out his own pockets and if he can't even do that, it's his fault, not yours.

jenn said...

I don't check pockets either. If it was one of my kids, I'd feel bad, too. But in the end, it is his responsibility.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I feel your pain - and it's my husband with the stuff left in his pockets! If it's put in the laundry bin, it's not my fault, is the way I look at it.

Annette said...

My son has been doing his laundry since he was 10 for similar reasons.

Stick that iPod in a bag of rice ... it works. And maybe now he will remember to empty his pockets. I feel for ya.

Beth said...

I 2nd the baggie of rice suggestion. Amanda accidentally put her iPod through the wash several months ago, and someone told her to put it in a Ziploc bag of rice ( uncooked!!!!) and leave it there - don't even touch it or pick it up - for 7 days. Worked like a charm.
Oh, and you are NOT a bad mother.