Wednesday, August 11, 2010 the Flinstones...

A friend of mine recently moved back to her home town to marry her high school sweetheart.  He was adding an extension on to his home to make room for her and her children.  He was making their dream home.

When she got there, it wasn't so much the dream.  There was no plumbing and there had been several snags in the plan and we joked about it being like living in Bedrock.  Well, now, I live there!  

We are day three in to the renovations and all I can say is WAHHHHH!!!!  The tub is out, the surround is out, the sink is out, half of the floor is out.  Only the potty remains (Thank GOD!) but that is temporary.  While sitting on the throne you get a view of the dirt of the ground below the house, a clear opening to view the boys closet AND in to their room and now, the exterior wall is getting ready to come down so I have a view of the side yard.  This morning Frank took down the siding and unfortunately, he has to stop because he doesn't have any helpers to do the really heavy stuff that he needs but hopefully will tomorrow.

I have had to go and shower elsewhere, the boys have showered elsewhere.  I have to admit, brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink is NOT living the dream and even though I still have my toilet, it's not exactly indoor plumbing.  We are taking a break tonight and the boys are going to see a movie, Frank is going to play with the band and I am going out with my ladies bible study group.  I will get to use a REAL bathroom!  Geez, listen to me, it's been three days and already I'm acting like I've been living in the jungle for years!  

I know, I know, it will all be over soon and I will love how it looks, blah, blah, blah...but realize that I am not an adventurous type of woman.  I don't camp, I don't hike, hell, I don't even like being outside for any extended length of time!  So for me, THIS is roughing it!  Years ago, I think back in 1996, Hurricane Fran came through here and we lost power.  Luckily, my grandmother was living down here too and she did not.  So we packed up when the coast was clear and went to her house BUT we had been here without it for 24 hours.  Longest 24 hours of FRANK'S life!  I am not easy to live with.  I don't ask for diamonds, a big wardrobe, or a big house but for the love of it, give me my plumbing!!!


Tammy said...

Yikes! I love to camp, but only at places where there are facilities.

Leigh said...

Just think of how nice it will be when it's done, focus on that. It'll be worth it when it's done.