Thursday, August 5, 2010

Complete the task, please!

You know, I have really come to hate working in a group.  I do much better on my own because people have a way of not finishing what they started.  I mean, I am a procrastinator; I know it, I own it.  BUT...I get my stuff done as close to the deadline as possible and while I may not return ALL of my calls, people will know what I am up to and what to expect.

Having worked on the graduation committee for nine months, I learned and witnessed some really horrible behavior by grown women that really they should be ashamed of.  The day that I got to pass on all of the graduation info to next year's committee, I was giddy.  I thought I was done.  Even though the ceremony is over and done with, there are some last little details that are still lingering.  The problem?  The person in question has stuff for the group and will not return any e-mails or phone calls.  


You know what?  It is wait, beyond rude to hold people's things essentially hostage.  If people have PAID for something, then have the decency to give them what they gave you money for.  And for the LOVE of it, have the decency to return people's calls!  They are calling for valid reasons.  They are calling because you have something that they paid for and won't give them a status report on how to get it!  Don't make people call you or e-mail you repeatedly.  If you would just answer the phone, send out an e-mail to the group or respond IN ANY FREAKIN WAY, then people would not have to continually track you down.  If you are annoyed because you feel harassed, then maybe you should tell people what is going on so that they KNOW when they are going to get their stuff!

I just wish that people would complete what they started.  Finish the task.  It's just plain wrong to screw people when they trusted you.

I'll step down from my soap box now...

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