Thursday, August 6, 2009

Irritating conversation #562

The boys and I went to Target today just for funsy sake. Actually, I had some things that I needed but they tagged along just to browse. We weren't there long before I started to not feel well - my head started to hurt and I just plain ol' felt like mud. We get through the checkout and I ask Nick if he has his wallet on him (because that would mean that he has his permit with him and could drive). Of course he does NOT and so I have to force myself to get behind the wheel and focus on the road.

Okay so we're driving and I'm trying to stay focused on the drive and not on the pain and so I decide to start a conversation. Big mistake! The following is the dialogue that ensued:

Me: Hey, how hard is it to get songs from iTunes?
Nick: For everyone, easy, for us, impossible.
Me: Why?
Nick: You remember...the last time we tried it, something about our computer wouldn't let us do it. That's why I hate iTunes.
Me: Really?
Nick: Yes. It's like impossible to do it and it doesn't recognize the card.
Me: have you tried it lately?
Nick: yes.
Me: Wait...what card?
Nick: You know, the iTunes card. The computer won't acknowledge it.
Me: You still have that card?
Nick: No, I gave that to Beckah eons ago.
Me: (Glaring - long pause, deep cleansing breaths) Okay so how much does it cost to download music from iTunes?
Nick: It's stupid. It's like ninety-nine cents per song.
Me: That's what it is on Amazon too.
Nick: Music should be free.
Me: Music cannot be free! How would anyone make any money?
(Brace yourself friends)
Nick: By doing shows. Then when they aren't touring, they would work real jobs. Imagine if these guys worked in regular places when they weren't on tour.

(Note: Yes, my head is ready to explode at this point and not because of the headache. Continue...)

Me: WHAT??
Nick: No, seriously, imagine how much money they'd bring in to these places by working there when they weren't on tour! Like, say when Eddie Van Halen wasn't on tour, he worked at a Dominos?
Me: (White knuckled grip on the steering wheel, slowly counting to ten) Are you an idiot?? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! No one would make music anymore if that were the case!!
Nick: Why?
Me: WHY? WHY??? Because if there were no money in it and they had to keep at job at DOMINOS to support themselves when they weren't on tour, there'd be no point in it!!

We stopped talking at that point. I think I moaned. He thought it was because of the ailment, it was really because of him. Beware parents...beware when engaging in conversations with your teens. You just never know what kind of nonsense is going to be spewed at you.



Grampy said...

It is sometimes amazing trying to talk to teens. Even one of my grandsons who is twelve. He thinks he should run the country.

carol at A Second Cup said...

I side with the kid on this one. There are tons of people making wonderful music who post to UTube and other sites and they do it for free. I don't think music should be completely free but even if it where people would still make and promote their music.
Nick's thinking has the record companies trembling but he is correct in that a new marketing system for music is developing and free access is part of that system.

StaceyC4 said...

And that's why you and Nick get along so well, Carol!! He'll be thrilled to know that someone agreed with him!

Roo said...

I will pay th $.99 to download a song that I like from iTunes or Amazon, because this is somethin that I will listen to many times over. However, I will not pay $.99 to watch NBC & ABC shows one time on the ON DEMAND my cable company offers. CBS offers theirs for free, so why can't the other networks?

Kind of off the point, but do you understand my reasoning?

A Lil Enchanted said...

I'll side with the kid if Stevie Nicks will come and work in my town... she can pick whatever local business she wants to work at... I would be there every day! LOL

A Lil Enchanted,

Lola said...

Teens say the darndest things, don't they? He does have kind of an interesting concept though. For Eddie Van Halen to work at Domino's Pizza it would be like a big promotional thing. I wouldn't mind having my pizza delivered by Eddie. However, we have no Domino's near us.

Check out what my son did last night:

A.Marie said...

HAHA...I'll remember this when I try and have a conversation with MY teen son! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Good conversation. I do have to say that we as a society place MUCH too high of a value on our entertainment. I see no real reason why a musician or an athlete or an actor should make kajillions of dollars when there are others out there who work just as hard, if not harder, and get next to nothing for their efforts. Boggles the mind. Maybe your son is on to something. :D