Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOO-HOO!!! I'm Not Such a Loser!!!

It doesn't take much to make me giddy these days, apparently. I've been struggling a lot lately with our living situation. Maybe it's because the kids have gotten more vocal about it but I think really it's just that I am tired of people knocking on the bathroom door while I am in there.

Anyway, one day last week I'm over at a friends house and she points out to me that a house around the corner from her is for sale. Okay, I am a very realistic person. I know that I am unemployed, Frank's employment status is not great right now either (or ever being that he is self-employed). We don't own anything other than our car and I'm pretty sure that our credit isn't the greatest. But my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to call the Realtor and ask to see the house and then, if the house were suitable for us, ask if the owners would consider a renting option or a rent with the option to buy option.

Well, today was the day. I went, I saw, I was...not that impressed. It was a cute house and all but it didn't solve all of our problems. In fact, it might create a few. So the Realtor, first off, did not impress me because she was 15 minutes late. But after talking with her for a little bit, she told me that the owners would not, in fact, consider the renting angle because they needed the sale of the house for their new home. Okay, fine. I was taking a chance and so I knew going in that things might not go my way and so I was not overly disappointed. She offered to give our information to their lenders and while inwardly snickering at the obserdity of it all, I said sure.

The lender did call me and I gave him all of the necessary information and wished him luck. Well, two hours later it turns out that while we don't make quite enough to qualify for this particular house, our credit is not all that bad! WOO-HOO!!! There are only three things on our credit report that need to be taken care of and even that wasn't all that much. So right now, I'm feeling pretty darn sassy. True, at this moment, I am NOT a homeowner and that's okay. Honestly, I don't WANT to be a homeowner right now - not with our un-certain employment status'. I am smart enough to know that. But I am feeling okay about actively seeking a new rental property.

Think second bathroom, everyone!!


Frugal Vicki said...

yeah! What a great feeling that is! You know, sometimes I wish I wasn't a homeowner, We only have a townhome, and selling it to buy is going to be so hard, I wish we were renting and we could just buy. There are definitely advantages to both!

jenn said...

We're thinking alike these days! lol! I hope we both find exactly what we want.

Simply Being Mommy said...

Being a homeowner comes with great responsibility, but it's worth it. I hope your job situation improves so you can start looking for a new home.

Mom said...


We are in the midst of a foreclosure because we listened to the lender who told us that she would never, ever put us in a mortgage that we couldn't afford.

Yes, we really should have known better than to buy the house we bought. Yes, it was a bit more than we had intended. We had a happy four years in that house.

We will probably never enter into home ownership again, though. It's a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure. Renting is just easier in the long run.

Trust your instincts to know when the right house comes along. Don't trust a lender who is pushing for a commission or a quota. You're very smart to realize that your situation leaves you unready for a purchase.

Becki said...

Sending two-toilet vibes your way...when the time is right ;)

Buggys said...

Yeah, that's really encouraging news for you. It's good to realize you have options. Very empowering. More bathrooms is ALWAYS a good thing.

Jennifer said...

A second bathroom is a must in a living space with two or more people. I don't want anyone pooping in the same room I'm getting dressed in.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.