Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So I'm Watching "The Biggest Loser" And...

Okay, you guys know how much I LOVE NBC's "The Biggest Loser", right? Well, tonight was the premier and I was so totally psyched. I made sure we were done with dinner early enough that it would be cleared away and I could totally focus when it came on. Everyone cooperated, things got put away and the TV was mine.

Here's the top ten things that went through my mind while I was watching:
1.) I REALLY need to get back on track with my half-marathon training
2.) I found a neat walking trail that Miss D and I could train on...I should
call her and tell her about it
3.) I thought it was really cool that they brought Dan back (he's a local)
4.) I hate challenges that require any movement on the beach (that was
tonight's first challenge)
5.) Look at my little 9 year old boy doing one-armed push ups! Clearly he
doesn't take after me
6.) When did the trainers get such filthy mouths? When did that become
appropriate prime time language even when it's bleeped out?
7.) Do I need new sneakers?
8.) My pedicure is chipped
9.) I could totally do my Walk Away the Pounds routine while watching this
10.) I need more milk to dunk my Milano cookies in

Is everyone seeing the problem here? I'm watching these people who are all 300+ pounds and I'm thinking in my mind "Tsk, tsk, could they let themselves go like that?" WHILE I'm eating Milano cookies and milk!!! I'm here confessing it because I feel HORRIBLE that I was doing that! What in the world is wrong with me??

Stupidity, plain and simple.

So while I cheered everyone on and remembered that I SHOULD be working out, I ate. And missed my boy. He arrived safely. He called once from the road and then again once they arrived. I was proud of him.

Seven more days...


Tes said...

Hey Stace, I do that all the time! Get hyped up about staying fit and then end up eating a lot. Like you, I have a habit of eating while am watching something on TV!

jenn said...

As a big girl, I can tell you it is not something I did consciously. I didn't decide one day to get this big. It was a combination of three pregnancies, low self esteem, depression, and eating. I wish I had the means of getting this weight off, but I have been dieting my entire adult life with yo-yo results.

I need to be on that show!

Frugal Vicki said...

I for some reason focused on the filthy mouth part of the post. I totally agree with you! Most of these dirty words seem to be no longer considered dirty. It seems like the only ones that are are the ones that our parents would have pulled out the wooden spoon if we ever dared to say. I wish it wasn't like that. What good is it not to cuss in my house if my son can hear it on a commercial while we watch a family show?

Unknown said...

i always want to EAT when I watch that show, I don't know why.

Petula said...

When I used to watch that my oldest daughter and myself would often eat dinner at the same time. I always wanted an even healthier meal as I'm watching (especially if we had dessert!) because it just seems wrong to watch that and eat.

Jennifer said...

Sounds a lot like what I do, which is explains why I'm a big fat ass. Not that you are, but I definitely am.

Sherri said...

I just started training for a 1/2 marathon too. I have never, ever done anything like this in my life. I'm in week 4 of "learning" to run. It hurts but it's a goal I've wanted to conquer for a long time. We'll see.....

So glad you got a couple of phone calls. How good of him:)

A.Marie said...

The Biggest Loser has the opposite effect on me..I totally lose my appetite. I don't know what it is, maybe it is psychological, but I just cannot eat.

BTW: before my disease took ahold of me and I became VERY THIN, I struggled with my weight. There is a part of me that is afraid I'll get chunky again; maybe that is why I lose my appetite!

Anyway, you go ahead and have a cookie or two or three (just not the whole bag!) Okay?! And, have a glass of milk (maybe skim?). That's what they always said in Weight Watchers --don't deprive youself or you'll want more! (yes, I used to belong to Weight Watchers; that was before illness!):)

Simply Being Mommy said...

I haven't watched it yet (its on DVR) but I do it every year. I sit on the couch, eating ice cream and watching The Biggest Loser! Shame on me...

Nani said...

we took the kids to the new park in WF - great walking place-

also, whats up w/Jillian's new diet pill thats out there????? please explain- i am lost- thought you just needed their killer workouts and proper nutrition- lost respect for her now-