Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to My World...

There is so much going on in our lives right now that my head is spinning. None of it is HUGE, per se, but it's just a lot. For example, Nick leaves for his mountains trip on Monday. Today is Saturday. I am standing back and watching him pack and trying to not get overly mom-like and nag him about what he needs to have with him and the importance of personal hygiene. He's going to be gone for 9 days. I have to admit, for all of my worrying, I'm a little bit giddy at the thought of there might being a night or two that Michael can sleep out and Frank and I could have some time alone! Woo-hoo!

I am heading up the graduation committee for our homeschool group this year. I decided to do this mainly because I want to make sure that my son has an amazing graduation ceremony that he will actually look back on and smile about. I graduated with like 300 people. We sat on a hot football field, I sat next to people that I couldn't stand, you waited for your name to be called, walked across a stage and then sat until the other 299 names were called. I don't have any fond memories of that day...well, I should say that. I do have a great picture of my grandmother from my party later on that day and she was laughing and having a great time and she's wearing my graduation cap. I love that picture!

But here's the thing with the graduation committee...I wanted to make sure that I was actively involved so that this wasn't turned in to some dorky program. One year there was talk of the graduates walking in carrying their families bible verse. I'm sorry, but no. That is not going to happen on my watch. I think that would be sweet at a kindergarten graduation, but not a high school one. So I'm getting the names of the graduates, I've found a facility for us to meet at (I originally wanted it at my home but we had a bigger turnout that I could possibly fit!) and I got the binder with all of the instructions. Here's the fly in my ointment, there is someone that is coming to this meeting with her child who I just do NOT want to work with. I knew there was a chance of having to work with people that we don't click with but this individual just really, REALLY rubs me the wrong way. For you long-time readers of All-Stace you'll remember the boy with the knife at the bookstore? Yea, he and his mom will be on my committee. There he'll be, in all his knife glory and there's not a thing I can do about it. Pray that this goes well. Because if the way she responded to that incident are any indication of how she'll be on a committee, we're all in trouble. That meeting is Monday. Yikes.

Work is still scarce for Frank and I am starting to go in to panic mode. I don't like feeling that way at all but I cannot help it. I want to yell, scream and wail but I know it won't do any good. I, on the other hand, am looking at several options for freelance writing and while I know it won't make me rich, they could pan out to keep our heads above water. I'll give you more details on that as I learn more about it.

Well, I'm off to begin my day. Michael has a birthday party to go to for a new classmate. We've got packing to work on and my laundry pile is starting to look ominous! Wish me luck...


Gretchen said...

Oh, my, good luck with everything! I know it may be easy to get overwhelmed. Try to breathe! I hope everything goes well for your meeting on Monday... I'll be thinking of you.

Hey, one more thing, When you comment to my blog I'd LOVE to reply but you are set up as "no-reply" commenter. There is a way you can put in your email so that I can reply directly to you. If you're interested just let me know and I'll tell you how to do it!

Grampy said...

Hi Stace
I see you are keeping busy as usual. I would enjoy seeing the picture of your grandmother with your cap on.And good luck with the free lance work.
Have a good weekend.
PS Grampys blog is up and running.

Nani said...

saying a prayer that all goes well - the meeting, Nick's trip and the work front-

A.Marie said...

Oh are going to have fun on this committee, aren't you?!!

Just pray really can't control what SHE is going to do or say, but you can control what YOU are going to do or say. That is what my Mom always says!

Don't panic....I know it is hard, believe me, but like the song goes that my kids used to sing in Sunday School:

Why Worry, when you can Pray,
Trust Jesus, He'll find a Way,
Don't be a Doubting Thomas,
Remember God has Promised,
Why Worry, Worry, Worry, Worry,
When you can Pray!

*I know...cheesy isn't it? But, I always loved it when they sang it in their little high voices!*

jenn said...

I graduated with 1200 other kids...that's right, twelve hundred! I found out years later that my parents left during the ceremony, which was like 5 hours long, to go have lunch. They "claim" they watched me walk across the stage, but who knows.

I hope you are able to give your son an awesome ceremony he will never forget.

A.Marie said...

STACEY!! Guess What?? Maygan, who helped me fix my header, said that she'd like the FREE PopTart coupon to go to you, since your boys like them. She told me to tell you, so all I need is your mailing address, and it'll be sent your way.

cathleen said...

Knive boy mama wants to be on the yearbook committee! I told her I would contact her when we meet. Oops! I lost her e-mail address!! tee hee!

Michelle said...

Will you be serving refreshments at this committee meeting? Like maybe some squirrel dip and your famous beer bread or some squirrel kabobs. She could probably get you some squirrel real cheap. I hear it's the other white meat!!! LOL
Im sorry but it just had to be said. Hope things don't get too squirrelly. LOLOLOLOL!