Saturday, September 26, 2009

Someone Get Me A Stick of Dynomite...

I am a get-things-done kind of girl. I don't sit and contemplate for very long. If there's a problem, let's solve it. Now. The rest of my family has to be "mentally prepared" to do anything. Seriously, even the simplest of tasks requires major mental preparation. This is particularly hard on Michael because he does this in school and it frustrates his teachers to no end!

So here we are this morning, it's a rainy Saturday morning and Frank was sitting on the couch and what happens? Bedbug. SON OF A ....!!!!! I mean, REALLY???? It's been over a month with nothing, no sightings and here one comes. That bug bomb stuff said that it worked for 7 months. Um...try less than 7 weeks!!! So I'm like, that's it, call an exterminator because we cannot let this go. That was an hour ago. He's still sitting on the couch.

Um...why the delay? No one knows. I mean, he's not crazy glued to the couch. The yellow pages are five feet away from him. It's not like he has to trek up a mountain to get to them. The phone is six inches from him. Again, there is no major obstacles keeping him from performing these tasks. HE JUST WON'T DO IT!!! I have learned a long time ago that I had a tendency to just step in and do everything and then would get angry because no one did anything around here.


So now I have to go and yell and scream and carry on like a crazy woman just to get this one thing done.

So much for a peaceful Saturday.


Unknown said...

Yell and scream'll live longer. What you used to do was a form of passive-aggression....doing it all yourself and when asked "can I help" yell NO!...or when asked what's wrong as you wash the sink full of dishes that everyone else has walked by all day snap "Nothing's wrong". Releasing the frustration is good. Now make that call before the bed bugs take over!!!

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

Those bug bombs never work as long as they promise. It's crazy. I agree with Roschelle, yell and scream, you'll feel better too.

Unknown said...

just stopping in to let you that i am back and getting things organized. i feel like i have missed out on so much, i think it will take a little while to get caught up. have a wonderful day my friend...xoxox!

Robin said...

When I was much younger (in my teens) and living at home it was one of my weekly chores to cut the grass. My father was always on to me about getting it done. It didn't matter that I would eventually get around to doing it .. he expected it to be done "right away."

I'm still the same at 62! I'll eventually get around to doing things!

jenn said...

Ug...I would hand him both the phone and ohone book, and stand in front of him until he does it.

BTW, I have done this to my hubby, and it works miracles! lol!

Frugal Vicki said...

I am like you, though it gets me in trouble sometimes with impulse spending.

I left you an award on my site! have a good weekend!

Natalie said...

That's frustrating! I have to ask my husband like a million times to do things. It's so annoying! Good luck with the bugs!

Grampy said...

I like Jenn's idea. Only you can do some yelling at the same time. It will release some of your tension.

THE GUYS said...

Bummer! Sorry to hear about your Saturday.

GUYS are notorious for "pretending" to be lazy or inept, especially when they're married to very capable, smart and organized partners. Like yourself.

They know it will get done and they can just chill.

How do we know? Guess!


Sherri said...