Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New Writing Opportunity!!

I think we have well established that I love to write. Having this blog has been a lifesaver and with the exception of one freak who caused me to doubt my writings, I think I've done okay. And as much as I love this blog, I want more! I still have so much that I want to write about. My dream, my LIFE-LONG dream has been to be a published author. I have several finished manuscripts that I am shopping around to find an agent but nothing's happened there yet.

Then, in the midst of my unemployment job search, I stumbled upon an ad looking for writers on Craigslist. So I responded to it and a lovely lady named Laura responded and got me set up with The beautiful thing about writing for them is that I can write about what I want. There is no list of set topics that I have to choose from and so I have freedom. They do have very general, very broad subjects/overviews that you need to go under but basically they are easy to fit under. The pay scale when you are starting out is small, but I am just thrilled to have my work published out there! Who knows, maybe this will lead to being helpful in finding an agent!

So if you are an aspiring writer who has a lot going on in your head that you want to write about, check out I am so glad that I checked it out. Today, I submitted three articles and they should be up and running by tomorrow. I have eight other articles that are already up and published. The fun thing is, that because I can write about what I want and what I know about, I have written a LOT of articles on Disney. LOVE IT!!!

Go and check it out and let me know if you do it!!


jenn said...

Good for you! Where can we go to read what you've written?

Frankie said...

Sounds great! Good luck and keep writing. :)

Unstoppable Spirit said...

Thanks for sharing. I will surely check this out.

Unstoppable Spirit said...

Thanks for sharing. I will surely check it out.

stonebrookcottage said...

How amazing! and super congrats to you! I love to write too. I could easily lock myself in a room and write all day long..miss meals just to write. I am for sure going to check out that site!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Congrats Stace.... that's awesome!!! Hopefully you'll also find that publisher soon :)... but in the mean time this sounds like a great opportunity for you.

A Lil Enchanted,

Frugal Vicki said...

How awesome! I love reading what you write, I will have to head over to those places you mentioned in your newest post. Good for you! I would try it, but I barely have time for the blog!