Friday, September 11, 2009

And Then My Head Exploded...

Last night Frank was out jamming with the band and I was hanging out at home with the boys. Michael is tracked out of school right now so bed-time is later. If it were up to me, I probably would have gone to bed right after dinner but I tried to stay up and be a productive parent.

Sometime around 10:30, I'm stumbling around the house looking for my pillow and I see Nick on the computer. He's not on Facebook or on some stupid video game code sight so I ask him what he's doing.

"Looking for train tickets"

Okay, now I'm wide awake.

"Why do you need train tickets?"

"Because we're going to D.C. on Saturday!" (and might I add that his tone was NOT pleasant)

I'm stumped. Where the heck did this all come from? Why are you going to D.C. for the day? Is it not enough that you are going away to the mountains for nine freakin days with your girlfriend? Do you really NEED to go to D.C. too? My mind is racing. He's like "I already talked to dad about this!" (again, NOT in a pleasant tone).

Oh...really? As you can imagine, the first thing I do is FIND the phone and quickly dial Frank's number to confirm that this conversation even took place. Apparently it had. Now I'm not sure who I'm more annoyed with, the boy for thinking that he can gallop the country whenever he pleases or my darling husband who neglected to TELL me of said galloping! I get off the phone with him - no voices were raised - and I decide that I'm too tired to decide who I'm mad at and just crawled in to bed. But this morning? It was on, friends!

We sat down, we talked and basically it was like a dog chasing its tail. The boy had an answer for everything, we are idiots and apparently it's okay to leave me out of the loop because I give "looks". I'm giving one right now and he can't see it!! For all of the time we spent "discussing" this, it turns out that they are not going to go. They were going to D.C. for the big march to protest the whole new Obama health care stuff. I was proud of him for wanting to get involved. I know that I couldn't care less about politics at his age but can we just let me have one parenting crisis at a time? I'm still struggling with the mountains trip, get politically active when you get back, okay?



Mom said...

Keeping you out of the loop is not okay - for either of them.

I'm not sure how old he is, but I'm guessing he's an adult living at home. (I don't have the energy to look it up - sorry.)

Well, I find it to be very disrespectful that he didn't tell you and that he was rude and obnoxious when he finally did have to tell you.

jenn said...

I am not looking forward to the upcoming teen aged years I have with my kids.

But, good for him for wanting to get involved.

Unknown said...

point is, is that you should have been involved with the conversation. he is still a minor and you are both still responsible for him. simple.

have a great day stace...hugz!

Jennifer said...

"Oh I'll give you more than a look" is I'm pretty sure what my response would have been so you handled it better than I would have.

Petula said...

Yea, I've been there too, but with a little less attitude. My daughter calmly mentions that "they" (she and her friends) are going to Savannah for the weekend before they all went their separate ways again. Since they weren't able to get away over the summer. Needless to say I had the look. Where is everyone sleeping? What are you going to be doing? OH MY... the thoughts I had. I think I had the straight face all weekend.

She kept in touch though and although I wasn't pleased with everything about the trip I guess I did very well and kept my head in tack. Just breathe and try not to give the look. :) I totally understand.

One Creative Queen said...

Bahahaha Silly Mom - you've been parenting long enough that the crises come all at once...and never stop. You just forgot who/where you are - and expected age to slow things down a bit. Not! As a mother of 2 teenage boys (and a 9 year old girl who has the mouth of a teenage girl), things get *worse* as they get older. I could slap whoever told me they'd get better. ;)

BTW: You were totally in the right. As usual. :) xx

Frugal Vicki said...

I am really not looking forward to the teenage years. it just seems heartbreaking for mom and dad. My hubby would get a severe talking to for keeping me out of the loop, though. and then he would get another talking to for not telling our son that it was not okay to leave me out of the loop. men

Staci Z said...

What a great kid...I mean as far as expressing his political views. I think you must have done someting right with him. Good job!