Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dancing Controversy???

Okay, so I missed Monday night's episode of Dancing with the Stars. However, here I sit Tuesday afternoon watching some entertainment show and they are crying out that Donny Osmond is cheating.

Okay, let's just stop right there. First off, don't pick on Donny Osmond!! There's just no reason for that! I have loved Donny since I was a little girl and he's quite possibly one of the nicest guys in show biz, so KNOCK IT OFF!! Secondly, what I find funny is that anyone would accuse that. I mean, the man has been in show business since what, the age of five? He is a musician. He does stage shows. He's got a show in Vegas going on right now where he sings and dances. This is no secret. Of course he has a bit of an advantage over some of the others on the show but not huge! I mean, Lance Bass was on a couple of season's ago and was one of the members of N'Sync which was one of the biggest boy bands in the world who were KNOWN for their choreography! Why was he not attacked? Or how about Mel B. aka Scary Spice of the Spice Girls? Another group known for their choreography...why pick on Donny? He's made it no secret that he wanted to be on the show ever since Marie did it. Who wouldn't try and prepare for the show before going on?

I don't know, I think that anyone who excels at this show from the get go gets picked on in one way or another but personally, I think it's a bit excessive to cry out that he's a cheater. Next time someone wants to open their yap on this subject, look at the line up of this show from season's past: Olympic figure skaters (choreography!), Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (choreography!), boy band dancer/girl band dancer (choreography)...I mean, COME ON!! Use your brain people before you make an accusation...

I'm just saying!


A Lil Enchanted said...

OMG Stace.... I used to be soooo in love with Donny Osmond... when I was I used to daydream all the time about him coming to my door and professing his love for me. I had my Darling Donny Kit... with the life sized posters... and all of his records.

And then there was David Cassidy... I wanted my Mom to marry him so he could be mt he was just a couple of years older than my Mom... but I thought he was sooo HOT! lol

A Lil Enchanted,

Nani said...

i love his passion and he just seems like such a nice person -how could people attack him - he has been in the business for years of course he knows how to dance and make the crowd want more- people amaze me-

Karen said...

This is the first I have heard about this! You have called it correctly. So unfair when others are professionals at choreography and never got accused of cheating. Sheesh.