Sunday, September 13, 2009

Because That's What Mom's Do!

Okay, so Nick is leaving on his trip tomorrow. Yes, yes, the trip that I am STILL not happy about. So today, being Sunday, I thought would be a nice family day with us all here together spending time together before he leaves.

You'd think I'd suggested an acid bath.

I had to promise all kinds of things to get him to agree with it. So today after church, my kitchen will be transformed in to a scene from an Italian restaurant. There will be meatballs made from scratch, sauce made from scratch and cooked on the stove not the crock pot (I don't know why this is a big deal to him, but it is), there will be sausage, there will Fusilli with ricotta, there will be Locatelli Romano cheese and there will be garlic bread.

There will be much heartburn for me sometime around 1 a.m.

So while I was out shopping for supplies yesterday with Frank he asked why I was doing all of this. I'm like "Because he's leaving to go away and I wanted to make him a nice dinner." He smirks and I'm like "WHAT??" He tells me "It's not like he's going away for ten months or ten years, it's ten days! Why the fuss?" I informed him that I would do the same for him if he was going away. He still didn't get it. We're in line at the Wal-Mart debating this and finally I just yelled "BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT MOM'S DO!!! We LOVE our family and occasionally LIKE to do something NICE!! So SHUT IT!!"

I'm really looking forward to family time today...


Unknown said...

i so love stopping here and reading your straight up posts! the first thing that got me to chuckle was just as i read that you were going to have much heartburn, straight across from that line is the pepto ad! omg, did you plan it that way...LOL!

i don't think there will ever be a dude that will understand just exactly what moms do, they're just not equipped with that understanding. so your shut it! was perfect.

have a great day my friend...hugz!

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

That's hilarious. The last part. Men just don't get it sometimes.

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Yum, Can I come?

Sherri said...

You said it perfectly! We Mom's ARE just the best, are we?

Tes said...

Humor is just contagious! Thanks for the good laugh! YUM!

Shelly said...

I would have LOVED to be behind you in line, lol. If they could only ask less questions and just appreciate the things we do, the world would be a more harmonious place.

Nani said...

so how was that FAMILY TIME? lol!

A Lil Enchanted said...

I hope all of your efforts repaid you with a lovely evening with your family. As for men... no they just don't get it... but they *do* expect their own Moms to do those special things for them don't they???

A Lil Enchanted,