Sunday, February 13, 2011

I nearly broke out in song...

So on Friday I participated in a focus group kind of thing where I went for two hours and rated songs for a local radio station.  It was so much fun...I was pleasantly surprised.

I sat in a room with 15 other people and we each had an MP3 player and had to listen to 690 songs in ten-second snippets over the course of the two hours.  So the music that was on the player was a great variety from the 70's through today with a large part of it coming from the 80's.  We're all sitting there, with our headphones/earbuds/whatever you want to call them and silently listening but I have to tell you, all of those songs ROCKED.  There were several times where I wanted to sing along!

Luckily I refrained...didn't need to scare anyone.  But you know what I should have done?  I should have made a list of all of those great songs that I hadn't heard in like, forever, and come home and put them on my iPod, dangit!!

Maybe next time...

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Unknown said...

We break out in song all the time- sometimes we even know the right words. ;) Today I even posted as one of my fb statuses that I had one stuck in my head- Porn Star Dancing of all things- not totally into the lyrics but the beat totally rocks. LOL
I loved the 80s music, still do sometimes, but I like today's too.