Thursday, February 3, 2011

Theme Weddings - Yes or No?

Ever since my mom had the opportunity to be a part of David Tutera's My Fair Wedding, I have gotten in to the show.  I had never watched it before she started doing work for him and now I try to catch it whenever I can.

So here's the thing:  Theme weddings.  What is that about?

I am sitting here watching a bride who wants a Wizard of Oz themed wedding and a couple of weeks ago another bride wanted an Alice in Wonderland wedding.  I'm sorry, but that all just seems wrong to me.  Your wedding should be about love, commitment, getting MARRIED...not about a bride in a black dress or a one in ruby red slippers!  

I know that I am a traditional type of gal so maybe that's my problem with the whole thing but I think that party themes are best utilized on more casual occasions - not weddings.  Tonight's bride was going to make her bridesmaids carry "Dorothy" style baskets with fake fruit in them!  I'm sorry, I don't care how close of a friend you are, if you think I'm going to carry a basket of fake fruit while walking down the aisle in a dress that is reminding people of Munchkinland, you are sorely mistaken.

So what do you think?  Theme wedding, yay or nay?


Con Artist Trickster said...

Why not. Since everybody wants their wedding to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I guess it's okay to make it as special and personal as possible, and sometimes it means having a themed wedding.
So, I'll say, aye.

Tammy said...

It seems like the guy is left out of this kinda thing. I think stick to a love theme not munchkinland. I say nay.

Karen said...

Nay, this is making a mockery of what weddings are supposed to be about.


Unknown said...

I vote no to theme weddings. Weddings should be about celebrating love and a shared commitment to one another. I am not sure how being Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz is saying that.