Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not a good start...

Okay, so the first TWO days of the diet went well.  Between the four hour mega cleaning workout on Monday, the treadmilling yesterday and watching what I was was all going well.  

Then PMS hit and I have eaten everything today that wasn't nailed down.  While in the fetal position.  Yup, there was no walking, treading, cleaning, moving of ANY kind in this house today.  

There was, however, a big sandwich, Dibs (Nestle Crunch flavored), a donut, a sensible dinner, followed by Hagen Daaz.

I don't think I'll be stepping on the scale any time soon.


Mizé said...

It´s so hard to diet when we are foodies...temptations are just too many. As I joke sometimes: food was laughing at me and I had to bite :)
But hey! Keep at it..perseverance and motivation is the name of the game in most reductions.
xx Mizé xx

Francis Hunt said...

The great thing about dieting is that you can always start again - whenever you like! :-)

Tara Beaulieu said...

Aww Stace, we all do it! I've been on the wagon for almost 7 weeks and I find that I think about food NON STOP. As soon as I'm done eating, I am thinking about the next thing I can pop in my mouth.

Dieting is hard work. Just do the best you can and when you can do better, you will!

Oh and I tend to believe that without an allowed "cheat" once in a while, we're doomed to fail at any diet plan.

Roo said...

Hang in there Stace! It's an ongoing battle. I like Francis's comment... you can always start again. Just don't beat yourself up too badly in the meantime.

And I love Mizé's joke... I bite too!

Grampy said...

The most important thing Stace is to not let it get you down. Just start again. We all have the same problem. At least us chocolate lovers do.Also ice cream.