Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some call it art, I call it defiance...

So Michael has been a little, shall we say, belligerent regarding all things school lately and after last week's social studies fiasco I was fearing what would happen with the science project due on Friday.

Well, for starters, he decided on Wednesday night that he was going to actually CONSTRUCT a simple machine and we were like "".  Honestly, with what he wanted to do, there just wasn't enough time.  So he decided to DRAW a poster/diagram of it.  Twenty minutes later he was done.

Well, I took a look at it and really, it was a pencil drawing on a large piece of poster board and didn't really look all that eye catching so I told him to add a little color.  

Two hours later it looked like the entire Crayola company had thrown up on his diagram.  

All of a sudden my belligerent one thought he was some sort of Picasso because I have to tell you, I'm sure that some artist somewhere would claim that it truly was "art" but for a science project, it was a messy act of defiance and I was NOT amused.  

So after a LONG (and loud) discussion on what is appropriate and what was not in regards to homework and projects, he started over AGAIN.  The fifth grade is going to be the DEATH of me!!!  The finished project is very simple, very basic and, God willing, something that his teacher will approve of.

I'm not holding my breath on that one...



Lin said...

I hate those projects they send home with the kids. I always end up helping and that drove me nuts. I had one teacher tell me that I can't help them with it, to which I replied "then don't send it home". I mean, they want me to supply all the stuff, take the time out of our weekends to have him do it, and then supervise---not to help then?? Yeah/no. I want those stupid projects DONE so we can move on with our lives at home. Ugh.

Tammy said...

You will have to let us know what he ends up getting on it. I know how these projects go.

Jane Doe said...

'Two hours later it looked like the entire Crayola company had thrown up on his diagram.' LOL!

I hate dealing with kids and homework. It's such a pain.