Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Good Day...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out for a little girl time with Nick's beautiful girlfriend, Beckah.  I finally got to experience what it feels like to go out with a girl as opposed to the boys.  

We got our haircut, we talked and talked and talked about anything and everything, we went to lunch and then we came back to the house and looked at pictures.  I love that she thought I was pretty back in the day - it was a little boost to my ego and for that I am thankful!  :)  

After that she and Nick left to go and hang out.  I had a little while to hang out by myself before Michael got home.  When he did we ran out to Target because he was out of AA batteries and was having a breakdown about the whole thing because he needed them for his Xbox controller.  I mean a BREAK  DOWN.  So while we were at the Super Target I picked up a new toaster oven because really, I need one.  I mean, I have a toaster - the regular, run-of-the-mill-two-slice-toaster.  I hate it.  I have switched over to the Arnold's sandwich thins and the Thomas' Bagel thins and they get stuck in the toaster all the time.  So there was a toaster oven on sale for $17.99 and I bought it.  Now I want to toast something...

BUT...I started to not feel good while out shopping.  My head's all stuffed up and I am coughing.  I was feeling a lot like Frank did a week ago.  So when he got home and I told him how I felt, he went out and got us dinner so that I didn't have to cook.  I love that man!

Anyway, Entrecard is acting funky again so I hope that I can finish my drops  but I don't think I will before the Nyquil kicks in.  

We'll see...


Francis Hunt said...

At Entrecard it seems that things are back to normal now.

One of the EC weaknesses confirmed here is their lack of personal input in their whole business process. While I appreciate that their business model works overwhelmingly on digital automation, they are annoying a lot of their subscribers with their complete lack of any personal involvement.

Has anyone ever got a personal answer to a query at EC? I haven't asked many questions but to those I posed, I never got an answer, not even an automatically generated one! A few general e-mails to subscribers, or just status updates on the site in the past few days would have satisfied nearly everybody. This absence of basic customer support looks like stupid arrogance - and is very bad basic business practice.

Hope you're feeling better soon. The winter will eventually come to an end!

Petula said...

Glad you had fun, girl time. Ooohhh, I toaster oven! I haven't had one of those in eons. I hope you're feeling better soon.