Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just another Saturday...

Today was a weird day.  Michael slept out last night and we were told that his friend's parents would bring him home around ten this morning.  So, I had fallen back to sleep after Frank left for work and luckily woke up at 9:30.  I jumped out of bed and frantically began picking stuff up around the house because honestly, it was a wreck in here.

So there I am, half asleep, running around cleaning up and five minutes in to my endeavor the phone rang.  it was Michael.  He was like "Oh, they're going to bring me home around noon."  Are you kidding me???  I jumped up, got out of bed before I was ready and it was for nothing!!  Well, maybe not for nothing since the house really did need to be cleaned, but I was still kind of annoyed.

Okay, so onward with the day.  I went to the supermarket because we needed some things and I knew that we were going to dinner at some friend's home tonight and that they were going to grill burgers.  I was looking forward to it and in honor of the yummy dinner to come, I opted to have some frozen pizza for lunch instead of the roast beef sandwich that I really wanted.  So I get home and we get a call from our friends telling us...

"Change of plans...we're just going to do pizza for dinner!"

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm just happy to be seeing them so the meal is just a bonus but I was kind of bummed because I never really eat pizza and now I was going to be having it twice in one day.  Oh, well.

It was an awesome nice with our friends.  I mean, I LOVE spending the time with people that we can just sit around talking and laughing with and that was exactly how this was.  Just a good night.

Now, I'm just relaxing, watching a little SNL and laughing at a Wayne's World skit.

Just a good night, indeed.


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